December 8, 2013

Can Stress Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plants?

December 8, 2013
male female marijuana plant

male female marijuana plant

Problem: A marijuana plant that grew fine outdoors has turned hermaphroditic after taking the cuttings and growing them indoors. How can this be prevented?

Solution: That particular plant is specially adapted for outdoor growing. By taking it indoors, you’ve produced certain stresses and the plant subsequently turns hermaphroditic. There aren’t really any solutions to this (other than to keep growing that particular strain outside). Sometimes, cloned indoor plants might exhibit hermaphroditic tendencies because of some intergenerational, non-genetic (but chromosomal) adaptation method (i.e. a recessive gene).

Problem: I’m growing six different varieties in my outdoor marijuana garden that was started with stash seeds. Three of the plants are now hermaphroditic. Why is that? What (if anything) should I do about it?

Solution: You might be working with plants that were genetically programmed to be hermaphroditic. You received the stash seeds in that form (meaning the buds were self-fertilized and were always going to produce hermaphroditic plants).

The only option here is to try picking the male flowers. This can be a time-consuming process and is generally only somewhat successful because you tend to miss some flowers. If the plants are chalk full of male flowers, you might have to remove the plants altogether to make sure that all the other plants stay seed-free.

For future reference, try to use seeds that have a well-known heritage.

Problem: I’ve got a hermaphroditic specimen. At first, there weren’t any male flowers, but they started appearing during week three of flowering. They are only on the occasional branch here and there and are not interspersed. Will the pollen from this plant produce seeds that are hermaphroditic?

Solution: Most marijuana plants that are made from the pollen of a hermaphroditic plant will take after their antecedent. While some plants might not be hermaphroditic, it’s probably best to avoid the potential for unusable plants altogether. That’s why you should probably avoid using this plant for any reproductive purposes.

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