June 16, 2014

Marijuana Product Review – Magical Butter Machine

June 16, 2014
MagicalButter Machine
The Magical Butter Machine is among the many innovative products enjoyed by cannabis consumers, but how does the Magical Butter Machine work and is it worth it? Learn more to best inform your buying decisions.

With more states passing medical or recreational (adult-use) cannabis legalization, consumers and product makers have more options.  For those of us who have watched this movement happen, I think we can agree that there have been some amazing innovations in both cannabis products you see in dispensaries and retail shops, as well as products you can order online to use for cannabis consumption at home.

One area of innovation, in particular, is with products that allow you to make edibles in your own home. Cannabis enthusiasts have been using their ovens and stoves (and probably other even more creative measures) to create butter or oil for making edibles for some time, from fettucini alfredo to the perfect marijuana brownie.  Now, products like the Magical Butter Machine allow for making cannabutter more easily than ever before.  

Magical Butter Machine Review

If you are looking for a cannabutter maker, the Magical Butter Machine is the original semi all-in-one countertop unit and still one of the best.  It has been around longer than any of the others, and while some homemade procedures work well for infusing things with cannabis, this device definitely simplifies the process both in terms of equipment and clean up.  Having hundreds of recipes designed especially for this unit also takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating your own edibles or topicals in terms of both the amount of butter and the amount of marijuana you add. This device is a great weed butter maker and can also make Magical Butter tincture, amongst other cannabis infused products. 

Magical Butter Machine Uses

The Magical Butter Machine MagicalButter Machinecan be used to infuse butter, oils, and tinctures with cannabis (or other herbs) and to create soups, sauces, dressings, and even topicals and salves.  This countertop device is essentially an immersion blender combined with a precise heating unit and allows you to make a variety of creations. 

What Can You Make with the MagicalButter Machine?

You can make cannabis infused butter, oil, alcohol, lotions, and more with the Magical Butter Machine.  This includes things such as infused coconut oil all the way down to speciality recipes for foods, drinks, candies and even topicals.  The company lists hundreds of MagicalButter recipes on it’s website and other platforms.

Does the Magical Butter Machine Make CBD oil?

Yes, you can make CBD oil for cooking as well as CBD oil concentrate with the Magical Butter Machine.  The device can be used to make infused coconut oil, olive oil, and MagicalButter oil concentrate, which can all be created using decarboxylated CBD cannabis flower if desired.

How Does the Magical Butter Machine Work?

The Magical Butter Machine MagicalButter Machine Usestakes the already decarboxylated (decarbed) cannabis (or another herb of your choice) and uses it’s heating unit and blender to infuse the oil or other medium you wish to infuse.  After setting the device up, add the herb(s) of your choice and the butter, oil or medium you wish to infuse.  Then, set your temperature and time and the machine does the majority of the remaining work. When the machine has completed it’s cycle, you strain the cannabis (or other herbs) from the newly infused liquid. 

Does the Magical Butter Machine Decarb?

The MagicalButter machine does not decarb, you must decarboxylate your cannabis in the oven (or with another method) first.  MagicalButter DecarboxylationMagicalButter does sell a product for easy decarboxylation with your oven, or you can use a baking sheet or other methods to decarb your cannabis flower before transferring it into the machine.  The MagicalButter machine then grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your cannabis or herbal extract using the correct time intervals and temperature for consistent infusion. 

Does the Magical Butter Machine Smell?

The device has a scent-lock technology so the majority of the smell should be contained within the machine. It does not mask all of it as this is something very difficult to do with cannabis regardless of your methodology, as many of us who have tried homemade kitchen methods know.  But, the lingering smell will generally dissipate shortly and is masked much better than with a stovetop or crockpot method. The decarboxylation process in the oven does provide a smell that is almost impossible to escape, however. 

How Much Butter Does the Magical Butter Make?

The Magical Butter Machine can make 2-5 cups of butter per cycle. The amount of butter it can produce depends on how much butter and cannabis are added at the beginning of the cycle.

How Do You Know When the Magical Butter Machine is Done?

The Magical Butter Machine will turn off automatically and beep with all lights flashing red when it is done, signaling that it is time to remove the liquid from the device and strain it. The amount of time that it takes a cycle to complete varies on what medium (butter, oil, etc) you are infusing, but cycles generally run at least 2 hours.  You’ll find that the instructions and labels on the buttons will help you learn and navigate how to know when the Magical Butter Machine is done. 

How Much Does a Magical Butter Machine Cost?

MagicalButter’s newest machine is the MB2e MagicalButter Machine, and it costs $174.95 before tax.  The company offers free shipping in the U.S.  If you wish to purchase their product to use for decarboxylation, the DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack costs $39.95. 

Are Magical Butter Machines Worth it?

Magical Butter Machines, like other accessories from ancillary cannabis businesses, are worth every penny of your money if you are a consumer who will use them frequently.  If you are someone who only wants to create infused foods or topicals occasionally, you may be better off sticking to the pot and pan (and potentially very messy and smelly) methods of creating infused cannabutter and other products.  However, if you are a consumer who prefers edibles, tinctures and topicals for your cannabis consumption delivery methods, the Magical Butter Machine may absolutely be worth it for you. 

Who Owns Magical Butter?

MagicalButter.com is a privately-owned company founded by Garyn Angel in 2012.   Garyn Angel now serves as the CEO and Chris Whitener serves as the Executive Director of the company. MagicalButter does not offer or trade its company stock with the general public on the stock market. The company’s stock is offered, owned and traded or exchanged privately, which makes the shares of the company less liquid and the values more difficult to determine.  


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