April 21, 2013

Blueberry Gum Marijuana Strain Pictures And Review

April 21, 2013
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blueberry gum marijuana strain

Blueberry Gum Cannabis Strain Pictures And Review

Genetics: Blueberry x Bubblegum

From: Green Closet

Date Acquired: February 5, 2013

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid (Indica)

Looks: Heavily trichome covered marijuana nuggets defining the word, “bling.”

Smell: Berries in sweet cream with hints of bubblegum.

Taste: As the name implies, hints of blueberry bubble gum. Very sweet, very fruity with small hits, a bit more rich and earthy with large hits.

Buzz Type: Mellowing and relaxing. Stress release.

Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)

Summary – “After mostly medicating with concentrates through the holidays, I came down with the flu (flu shot did not help this year) which was an immediate hiatus from using marijuana for three weeks. I really felt getting sick was a blessing in disguise because a three week forced “t-break” allowed my tolerance to get back in check after a few months of heavy concentrate use. Thus, not only is this batch of Blueberry Gum my first flower review of 2013, it was also my first smoke coming off a 3 week break.

This batch of Blueberry Gum was a very balanced hybrid; meaning, not heavy on the pressure, but just enough as an Indica should be for that pain relief and muscle relaxation, but also providing a good sense of awareness and focus. Work grind and day to day stress were minimized/relieved when medicating with this strain. I really enjoyed using this strain in the morning after intense gym workout session. Weekend “wake and bakes” were nice as I was hit heavy behind the eyes providing a relaxing morning.

Used mostly in my bubbler, every time I took a hit, I was reminded of fruity gum. This strain and particular batch was very flavorful, but dry mouth came rather quickly. My dry mouth issue was cured by the “munchies.” I did not pig out, but found myself more hungry and eating more than normal while medicated with this batch of Blueberry Gum.

More often than not, I got itchy, red eyes that drove me crazy and the come downs were heavy at times where I caught the “yawns” combined with watery eyes. Blueberry Gum is definitely one to check out just for the nice mellow buzz and flavor.” – ie420patient

This Blueberry Gum marijuana strain review courtesy of THCFinder.Com. Check out the Blueberry Gum marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what other people had to say about it, and how it affects various ailments.

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blueberry gum marijuana strain


blueberry gum marijuana strain


blueberry gum marijuana strain


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