Chuck Norris Marijuana Strain

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Gets His Own Marijuana Strain

Hail Mary Jane has struck gold again. I got this in my e-mail box, and as a Chuck Norris fan, I have to say I was quite amused:

Dispensaries in California have to look over their shoulders for Walker Texas Ranger as Chuck Norris now has a strain of marijuana named after him. Called ‘Chuck Norris Black & Blue Dream’ because of the ‘kick’ it is said to have, this is one of the best marketing I’ve heard in a while. Norris’s people have already given word and made it clear that permission was never given to use his name though they haven’t said whether legal action will be taken against those who market the buds with his name in the title.

Greenies have told us that you dont smoke this bud…this bud smokes you.