December 27, 2018

Can you Get Discounts on Medical Marijuana in Canada?

December 27, 2018
As a Canadian there are various discount programs available to you for medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana prices can be very expensive, on average you are paying about $8.00- $10.00 a gram. When a doctor prescribes you a gram a day to medicate that can add up exponentially! You are looking at roughly $300 a month with taxes and such.

To some that is a cost they cannot afford to have, unless you have insurance buying medical marijuana may not be attainable.

So what are your options? Well luckily there are some options available for low incomes or for those that have a specific status. Below we will explore some licensed producers and other services that are accessible to you in Canada and see what they offer.

To get cannabis it is really easy now, now that marijuana is legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018.

But even though recreational cannabis is legal you still need to apply to be eligible to access medical cannabis.

Licensed Producers

It is important to note there is much difference between medical cannabis versus recreational. One important factor is that licensed medical cannabis producers will be focusing on engineering high-quality strains and ensuring patients receive their order before recreational cannabis is distributed.

Below are a list of producers that offer compassionate care programs or discount programs based on status.


A massive cannabis producer that is growing every minute, their headquarters are in Edmonton, Alberta. They bought out various other cannabis producers such as CanniMed, MedReleaf, Urban Cultivator and more.

Compassionate Pricing

Offers to clients who qualify industry-leading $6/gram compassionate pricing across all their strains.

In order to qualify you need:

  • Proof of participation in a federal or provincial disability program OR
  • Proof of Low Income Status (notice of assessment from last year showing AN INCOME OF $24,000 or less
  • They also offer discounts for veterans as well.

For full details contact Aurora.

Delta 9 Cannabis

Delta 9 has a well-established 80,000 square foot production facility in east Winnipeg and has grown from two to 150 employees.

Compassionate Pricing

Patients that qualify for the program will have access to certain cannabis strains per month that will only cost a flat rate of $5.75/gram.

In order to qualify for the Compassionate Pricing Program you must send proof of your current low income situation by submitting a copy of your most recent Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.

THC BioMed

A Licensed Producer located in Kelowna, B.C. Their focus is supplying Canadians with the highest quality affordable cannabis.

Compassionate Pricing

They support home growers so when you sign up with THC BioMed you are receiving high quality genetics.

$4.20/gram for interim supply, with the purchase of clones.


Operates two facilities: a 26,000 sq. ft. indoor facility in Aylmer, Ontario and in Strathroy, Ontario.

Compassionate Pricing

Offers a Compassionate Pricing Program for those living with an income under $30,000 per year. Under the Compassionate Pricing Program, eligible clients receive a 20% discount on all cannabis products.

Other Discount Programs

Strainprint App

Strainprint is a mobile app for medical cannabis users to track their intake and learn which strains and dosages work best for them. You can earn loyalty points and in turn get discounts on cannabis and cannabis items.


Offers a list of dispensaries in your area, whether for medical use or recreational. There are various discounts available.

Check them out and see how much you can save!

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