May 12, 2012

How To Add Moisture To Over Dried Marijuana

May 12, 2012
over dry cannabis

over dry cannabisAvoid Marijuana Shake Buildup By Adding Moisture To Your Over Dry Marijuana

If you have ever sold marijuana, one of your biggest fears is that the marijuana you just purchased is too dry and could crumble to ‘shake’ at anytime. Growers run into the same problem when they let their harvests hang too long. When the grower goes to cut the nugs off of the branch the marijuana is so dry it practically disintegrates upon contact with the scissors. This can also happen if you take marijuana from a moist climate (like the Willamette Valley of Oregon) to a dry climate (like Reno, Nevada). If this is your situation, don’t worry, there are some things you can try.

The main thing is finding something that has moisture in it, putting it in a closed container with the dry marijuana, and let time take its course. Check back periodically to make sure that it isn’t getting too moist or adding mildew. Some moist things work better than others. My personal favorite is ‘iceberg’ lettuce. It doesn’t have a smell (unlike the other options), which can be a problem with veteran smokers. When people try to do the orange peel method in my area (see below), I often hear ‘This isn’t good weed; this is just mids with some artificial citrus smell added to it!’ Lettuce doesn’t have that problem, and ‘iceburg’ lettuce has the most moisture. Get a thick, gnarly piece near the base of the head of lettuce; the part that you probably wouldn’t want to eat. It has worked for me for over 18 years!

Below are some other tips from my friends:

1. Get a cotton ball, wet it, and place it in tin foil. Poke holes in tin foil. Let it sit in your marijuana jar, for couple hours, and it should return moisture to your buds. Repeat as necessary.

2. Put your marijuana in a jar with a couple of fresh orange peels. Move around the marijuana and orange peels every 6 hours to ensure moisture distribution. Lemon peels work well too.

3. If you are a grower, take a fresh bud from a plant and place it in the jar with the dry nugs.

4. Take a sponge and cut it into sugar cube sized pieces. Moisten the sponge cube and place it in your jar with the dry marijuana. Repeat as necessary

Back in the day, when I was an ignorant teenager and smoked bammer weed, I remember my best friend would buy pounds of ‘brick weed.’ We would have to ‘steam it’ in order to make it more appealing for the rookie marketplace. The process was an age old method that was handed down by a family friend. We would get a t-shirt (preferably one that was used for this process, for reasons that will become apparent) and a cooking pot w/ lid. We would lay the shirt out on a table and put the brick weed in the middle of the shirt and place the lid of the pot over the brick weed (as much weed that would fit under the lid).

Then we would bundle up the shirt to where when you placed the t-shirt-wrapped lid onto the pot, it would suspend the brick weed over the boiling water with a layer of t-shirt in between. As the steam rose from the boiling water, it would moisten the t-shirt, and allow just the right amount of moisture through the fabric and onto the brick weed. The brick weed would break up, become fluffier, and dislodge quite a bit of seeds. Of course, the t-shirt was useless after the process, except for steaming more bammer. Some of the weed would be lost in the process (cling to the t-shirt), but the loss was so minimal and the crappy weed was so cheap that it didn’t matter.

What do TWB readers do to add moisture to their over dried marijuana? Place your tips and tricks below so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

P.S. – Take it from me, NEVER SMOKE BAMMER :)


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