May 12, 2012

The Best Way to Add Moisture to Over Dry Marijuana

May 12, 2012
Learn here how to rehydrate weed properly.

The Best Way to Keep Dry Weed Fresh

Dry weed is nothing short of a nightmare come to life. You want, nay, need to know how you dry wet weed. All you want is to add moisture and keep weed fresh, right fam?  What do you do? You can’t just let that premium pot perish. Take a deep breath. We can help you turn back the clock and save that marijuana-and your high- from a fate worse than death. Well, a fate equally bad as death. You get the idea. 

Before we get into the details, be aware that sealing the weed away with too much moisture can lead to mold issues, so you want to handle all of these options with a reserved touch. Since we’re dealing with units of measurement like “orange peels” here, there’s no hard and fast rule for preventing mold formation, you’re just going to have to dial it in. Tread lightly.

How to Rehydrate Bud

Some beautifully wet weed, just like grandma used to make!

How do you cure buds fast? Option 1: Save your weed leaves with their fellow, albeit less tasty, leaves of green! Lettuce absorbs water like virtually nothing else in the plant world. A casual touch from a simple head of store bought romaine will leave your finger faintly damp and voila, you have wet weed. 

And lettuce isn’t stingy, fam. It’s more than happy to spread the wealth, by which I mean the moisture, to anything it beds down with. In retrospect, that doesn’t sound so great. But it IS great, as it means your weed, upon being sealed away with some lettuce for just a few hours, will soon find itself animated by the healing waters of life and will come back to you like an electrified Lazarus and becomes the magical answer to the question how do I keep my bud sticky?. An answer you can smoke. 

Orange Peel in Weed

Orange peels. Is there anything they can’t do? Yes, actually. But one of the things they *can* do is bring your dilapidated pot plants back to life like Evanescence on an all-90s playlist. Just seal them up with your pot (two or three hours should do it) and patiently wait for them to work their magic. And unlike Evanescence, these guys aren’t a one-hit wonder, you can use orange rinds again and again to reinvigorate your fallen weed. You don’t even need any of the guys from Linkin Park! 

You instead become the answer to the question how can I make my bud smell better? Now bear in mind, in contrast with the above mentioned lettuce, citrus in general has a distinct odor. For many people, this is a great thing, and weedsmiths the world over labor to get those citrus accents up in their pot. But if hints of orange (or, if you’re feeling puckish, lemon) aren’t for you, stay away from orange peels. 

Should I Spray My Buds with Water?

Don’t just spray them with water. You want to get some wet wipes in there. Just damp enough to get slightly wet weed should be fine. But a simple purchase of some wet wipes from Costco (buy in bulk, my friend!) should be sufficient to get your pot where you want to be, moisture-wise. 

As always, you’ll want to seal away a few wipes with the dead (not for long!) weed in question. A jar or a gallon freezer bag should be more than sufficient. Then, through the magic of the wet wipe (so versatile! You can use these guys for anything!) after a few hours you will feel your weed revive to at least usable territory. Don’t interrupt the process by checking in, just by patient, my padawan learner. 

Jar of Weed

You don’t have to be a homeopath to believe in curing like with like, my dudes. The chief advantage of using some moistened bud in a jar to heal your dry weed is that you don’t have to worry about it “sharing” its aroma with your dry stuff. 

Once you’re done- if you do things correctly- you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the moistened weed and the formerly dry bud. Again, it’s worth mentioning to keep the container you keep them together in hermetically sealed. No checking. You need to be willing to let them sit for a few hours for the moisture to work its magic.

You’ve surely noticed some general similarities between the moistening options listed above. If you want to broaden your horizons, you can go weirder than these suggestions, but in general you want to make certain you’re taking something soft, damp and either relatively odorless or inoffensively so. You need to seal the substance away along with your dry weed in a container like a jar or a freezer bag, anything you can make certain is completely closed to the world. 

While We’re at It, Some Bud Drying Tips

To avoid wet weed, flowering cannabis like this should properly dried and cured before consumption.
  • Invert the buds, and let ‘em hang. Be sure to take off the fan leaves first.
  • If the air is too humid, use a drying rack instead. Sometimes gravity ain’t enough!
  • The snap test is your guide. If the buds don’t make a sharp snap, they ain’t dry.
  • Check to see if a sample bud from the harvest leaves moisture in a jar after you place it there. If it gets damp, the whole lot isn’t dry yet.

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