November 6, 2011

Afghan OG Strain Review

November 6, 2011
afghan og

afghan ogWhen it comes to this Kush’d up powerhouse, you can’t judge a nug by it’s jar appeal. Compact and stubby by nature, Afghan OG (Afghan Kush x OG Kush) is typically distinguished by its round, plump calyxes that resemble a pyramid of moss-covered whiskey barrels.

This California staple has been known for years to help with deep muscle pain and the stress associated with it. While phenotypes can vary greatly, one spot on representation is the Verde Wellness Center’s freshest crop in Denver.

Breaking up the dense buds smells like a Monday in the classroom; Pine Sol wafting up from your desk with a rubber band aimed at your crush.

Medicate in moderation as this heavy hitting indica will leave you ready for a much more kindergarten-like nap by the afternoon.

Afghan OG

Courtesy of Culture Magazine and republished with special permission


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