June 18, 2019

Not All Grinders are Created Equal

June 18, 2019
Green Monkey Grinder Light Teeth Handle 50mm-Black Nickel-open_sm

A grinder is essential for any stoner out there, whether a newbie or seasoned veteran. There are more than several grinders out on the market, but they are not created equal!

Green Monkey Grinders go above and beyond the standard 4-piece grinder. How you ask? Each of the six unique grinder styles have been named after a monkey species that shares something in common with the device. The company draws connections between the innovative features of the grinders and the characteristics, environments and habits of each breed. Fun right? These grinders are available in a large variety of different sizes, to fit the needs of just about any smoker. The range of sizes make it easy to find the piece that fits perfectly in hand, and feels natural to use.

Green Monkey Grinders donate a portion of our proceeds to the Vervet Monkey Foundation in Tzaneen, South Africa. “We care deeply about the well-being of our monkey friends across the globe. These contributions provide rehabilitation and sanctuary to more than 500 orphaned, injured, abused or unwanted, and ex-laboratory monkeys,” said George Sinishtaj, General Manager of Green Monkey.

The 6 grinder series are listed below along with the unique features that makes it stand out from the others:

  • The Capuchin Series is a classic, no-frills piece that is available in our largest array of sizes. Just like the rest of our grinders, these are known for their impeccable pollen-catching abilities with a perfectly-sized mesh screen.
  • The Belanda Series has a jar body chamber where the ground bud resides. The long, skinny windows resemble the remarkable nose shape of Belanda monkeys, and allow you to see if there’s anything inside before grinding more.
  • The Mandrill Series feature a handy side spout that extends to dispense your ground bud without having to unscrew the entire lid, and you can quickly snap it shut to save the rest for later. This element mirrors the large cheek pouches Mandrill monkeys use to store food for later.
  • The Baboon, Tamarin and Vervet Series are all ideal for people with disabilities or struggling with weak grip strength. The Baboon has deep grooves all around the sides, which provide a much better grip when grinding those dense nugs. The Tamarin is narrow on the bottom and wider around the brim, providing a more natural grip position. Our Vervet grinders feature a very handy crank on the top, that eliminates that twisting motion altogether.

Sinishtaj added, “Green Monkey Grinders strive to be an industry leader in dry herb grinding technology and are always looking for new ways to cater to those who are underrepresented in the industry.” 


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