February 1, 2015

How Much Dabs Can You Make with Marijuana?

February 1, 2015
Dabs Can You Make with Marijuana

grams of concentratesHow Much Hash Oil Can You Get From A Pound Of Cannabis Flower?

Dabs, hash oil, shatter, budder, wax, etc., whatever you call it, marijuana concentrates are growing in popularity more and more every day- how much dabs can you make with marijuana? There had been a steady growth of popularity for marijuana concentrates for several years prior to the ‘vape pen revolution.’ However, once vape pens became more and more popular, it seems that just about everyone I know is only consuming concentrates rather than flower.

What Are Dabs?

Flower, at least where I live in Oregon, is much harder to sell these days. Everyone has it, everyone is growing it, and it seems like everyone I know is selling it for rock bottom prices. And even at historically low prices, flower still sits around for a very long time. I still like to consume flower, but I do so less and less frequently. I don’t see that trend reversing anytime soon. As a result of the shift in how people consume cannabis, more and more people are looking into turning flower into concentrates. This has resulted in a lot of people asking me the obvious question, ‘how much dabs can you make with marijuana ?’

That seems like a straight forward question, but it’s actually nearly impossible to provide a ‘one size fits all’ answer to it. As I always do know, I hit up Udoxi Scientific to see what they had to say on the subject since they are the best concentrate makers I know. When I posed the question to them, they stated that it depends on several factors, some of which have been included below. The largest factor is the percentage of cannabinoids in the original material, and that’s hard to pin down due to inconsistencies in cannabis testing, especially in Oregon. Whatever the true percentage of cannabinoids in the starting material is will be the main determining factor in how much concentrates are produced in the end. Below are other contributing factors:

Nug run vs whole plant extraction
indoor vs. outdoor
handling or cure
age of material
time when the plant was cut down
amount of time the solvent is in contact with the source material

How Much Dabs can you Make with Marijuana?

I have heard of ‘in versus out’ ratios of 6% for trim, all the way up to 20% for prime time nugs, meaning that one pound of trim produced 27.24 grams of concentrates (454 grams X .06), and one pound of flower produced 90.8 grams of concentrates (454 grams X .20). I saw a grower get six pounds of top shelf flower processed, and he said he expects about a pound back in return, which would work out to 16.667%. But he was very quick to say that it could vary, and that the best answer to the question, how much dabs can you make with marijuana is- ‘you get what you get.’

Keep in mind that there are people out there that swear they can get dramatically higher ratios from concentrate runs, but every time I have seen/consumed their concentrates, it’s extremely apparent that their purge process sucks, and that there is a lot of solvent and other undesirable material left in the end product. I can vouch that the ratios I mention above are solid, because they come from a process in place at Udoxi Scientific, which is the best concentrate facility I have ever seen hands down. Anyone who has ever consumed concentrates made at their facility knows that they are second to none.

Have you had your flower processed into concentrates? How much did you put in, and how much did you get out? What about for trim? Put your answers below in the comments section so that others can learn from your experience(s).


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