December 1, 2016

Blankets for Budsdrive: Local Dispensary Offering Discounts in the Spirit of Giving

December 1, 2016
blankets for budsdrive, oregon

Giving Tuesday may have come and passed, but one Portland-based dispensary is putting a unique spin on giving back this holiday season with Blankets for Budsdrive. Blazin is hosting a charity drive where patrons can donate specific items need by the homeless and receive a discount on store goods.

Blazin’s Blankets for Budsdrive is offering a 15-25% discount for donated blankets, sleeping bags and tarps for the Portland, Oregon homeless population. The company’s mission states their commitment to the patients that find relief through medicinal cannabis. But it looks like they’re dedicated to the community around them, as well.

The donation drive started yesterday, December 1, and runs until December 18th. If you’re interested, you can bring your item to Blazin at 9046 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland.

Here is a list of items included in Blankets for Budsdrive:

  • Used, Washed Blanket or sleeping bag – 15% off after donation
  • New Tarp in Original Packaging – 20% off after donation
  • New Blanket or Sleeping Bag – 25% off after donation


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