November 28, 2016

Montel Williams Announces Partnership with California Medicinal Marijuana Research & Manufacturing Company

November 28, 2016
BAS Research, Montel Williams, medicinal cannabis, medical marijuana
A partnership between Montel Wiliams and BAS Research, first licensed medicinal marijuana manufacturing and research lap partnership was announced earlier this month. The partnership hopes to pave the way for medical-grade cannabis products.

The partnership aims to create new products providing doctors with a wider range of high-quality medicinal cannabis options for patients that could benefit from cannabis treatments. The products will be distributed through California collectives.

montel williams, medicinal cannbis, medical marijuana
TV Personality and Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Montel Williams. Photo source: BAS Research

LenitivLabs is TV personalist Montel Williams’ most recent endeavor as a medical cannabis advocate. Williams, who suffers from MS, has used cannabis to manage his symptoms for 17 years. He also worked to pass legislation in states like New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut.

“As the country trends towards greater acceptance of recreational use, I started LenitivLabs because it’s critical that we continue to meet the unique needs of medicinal cannabis patients, so the partnership with BAS was a natural one for us and one which I’m excited about,” said Williams.

BAS Research Center states that they are “dedicated to developing breakthrough pharmaceutical grand marijuana products.” They are California’s first licensed medical cannabis manufacturing and research group, dedicated to developing breakthrough all-natural, bio-nutraceutical, pharmaceutical-grade products. They are hoping that their partnership with LenitivLabs only furthers that mission.

bas research, montel williams, levintislabs
“Hand filling” at BAS Research. Photo source: BAS Research

According to a statement released by the company, “Over the next 12 months, BAS will partner with a renowned pain, neurological, and cancer physician as well as other medicinal professionals to hold new cannabis product investigations. And in the near future, BAS Research will file with the appropriate organizations with the aim to launch clinical trials involving its medicinal cannabis products.”

“BAS Research, and in particular our partnership with Montel, give people access to independently-tested, laboratory-certified medicinal cannabis products. We will continue to push new boundaries with our research to create innovative products because we know the power medicinal cannabis has to support a wide range of medical condition,” said COO Doug Chloupek.

Chloupek has his own medicinal cannabis history. In addition to being involved in the industry for 20 years, Chloupek was one of the first recipients of medicinal cannabis in California in 1997. The two additional founders of BAS, CEO Dr. Bao Le and CSO Ernie Arreola, also have a history in the cannabis industry.

BAS Research, medicinal cannabis
BAS Research Founders: Dr Bao Le, Ernie Arreola, and Doug Chloupek (Left to Right). Photo source: BAS Research

Dr. Le committed his life to finding safe and holistic alternative treatments for children with autism after learning that his youngest son was diagnosed with the disease. Arreola has been an industry leader, co-founder and board member in several medicinal cannabis companies.


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