Colorado 2014 Marijuana Industry Statistics


Late this week the Colorado Department of Revenue released a report with details and statistics about Colorado's marijuana industry in 2014. The report is a treasure trove of charts, facts, and data. Below are some of the statistics that stood out to me. You can read the report at this link here if you want more information:

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833 retail establishment licenses issued

1,416 medical business licenses issued

15,992 occupational licenses issued

109,578 pounds of medical flower sold

38,660 pounds of recreational flower sold

1,964,917 units of medibles sold

2,850,733 units of retail edibles sold

412,000 units of non-edible, infused medical marijuana products sold

359,000 units of non-edible, infused recreational marijuana products sold

Average of 300,000-320,000 medical plants cultivated each month

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