Colorado Marijuana Sales Continue To Increase


Legal recreational marijuana sales started in Colorado at the beginning of this year. Medical marijuana sales have been allowed for much longer. Overall, marijuana sales continue to increase in Colorado, especially for recreational marijuana. Per The Pueblo Chieftain:

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Marijuana sales in Colorado increased 10 percent in August, a bump attributed to more stores opening across the state.

The Colorado Department of Revenue announced Thursday that in August, customers bought more than $33 million in recreational cannabis --- up from $29.7 million in July and $24.7 million in June. Consumers bought more than $32.2 million in medical marijuana in August. That's up from $28.9 million in July and $28.6 million in June.

So far in 2014, Colorado has hauled in over $45 million dollars in fees, taxes, and licenses from marijuana sales. Is there a state in America that could not use an extra $45 million dollars? I ask this question over and over, 'why is everyone not doing this?' That doesn't even include the money saved from marijuana enforcement in Colorado, nor does it take into account the money that the marijuana industry brings to other industries in the state, or the jobs that are created. Marijuana legalization/regulation works. Every state needs to get on board.

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