Safety First: Cannabis Edibles Recalled In Colorado


The Denver Department of Environmental Health recalled cannabis-infused edibles on July 17th due to possible contamination. The company that manufactured the edibles is At Home Baked. The suspected contamination may have been due to the company using unsanitary equipment that was not intended for food manufacturing. It's worth noting that no one got sick from consuming the edibles, and that the recall may have been based on an arbitrary rule. Per The Cannabist:

marijuana recall

"We're really frustrated with the entire situation," said A.J. Ashkar, the co-owner of At Home Baked who is known in the Denver marijuana industry as A.J. Hashman. "They came in and the machine which we were utilizing to make water hash was not a food-safe machine. Food-safe machines to make water hash do not exist. They deemed the water hash that we were making unfit for human consumption even though nobody has gotten sick from our hash."

The Department of Environmental Health verified that there haven't been any reports of illness yet, but a food safety inspection was the reason for the recall.

The device that was being used by the edible company was a modified washing machine. This is a very common device that has been used by hash makers for decades. I have personally purchased 'professional' devices that are built on the same concept, but don't work nearly as well. I understand that the Denver inspectors were just trying to be cautious, but issuing a recall when no one became sick, and there's no evidence of actual contamination, seems overkill to me.

The company has issued public statements saying that they will replace any inventory with inventory that was made with a different device. If the washer they were using was brand new, and not used for anything else other than making hash, I don't see how it's any different than the device they are now using. As I said, I've purchased a similar device in the past, and went back to using a wash machine because it worked so much better. I wish I lived in Colorado, because I would gladly take all of the recalled products!