July 15, 2016

Netflix Producing A Dispensary-Based Sitcom Starring Kathy Bates

July 15, 2016

Netflix announced yesterday that they will be producing a new sitcom starring Oscar-winning actress, Kathy Bates. The show is the brainchild of “Big Bang Theory” creator, Chuck Lorre, and is based around the everyday happenings at a dispensary in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Bates character is a long time marijuana advocate who is fulfilling her dream by starting a dispensary with her 20-something year old son and a “deeply troubled” security guard.

The series is set to have 20-episodes, and was landed by Netflix after being shopped around to other broadcast, cable and streaming networks, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The series is entitled, Disjointed, and does not have a premier date yet.

The show comes at an interesting time when California’s proposal for recreational legalization continues to build momentum with key endorsements from Congressman Swelwall and The Law Enforcement Against Prohibition group. The proposal, which if estimates are to believed, could bring in more than $28 billion dollars annually to the state, is certainly a hot topic in the state.

How the show portrays a marijuana business’ operations could have a massive impact on how Californians, and Netflix subscribers in general, perceive the industry. Since the show is a comedy, it will be easy to fall into the traps of making stereotypical stoner jokes like laziness, forgetfulness, etc. Hopefully, the shows highlights the work it takes to keep up with compliance, strenuous testing, and vicious competition is showcases along with the typical funny stoner antics we all love.

Until then, all we can hope is that it’s better than The Ranch.


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