October 19, 2016

Nevada and Massachusetts Legalization Campaigns Unveil TV Ads on Same Day

October 19, 2016
regulate marijuana like alcohol nevada
The Nevada Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, and the Massachusetts’ campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, both unveiled new television ads yesterday in support of their initiatives to legalize recreational cannabis.
“Our opponents are attempting to scare Nevadans into opposing Question 2″, says Joe Brezny, a spokesperson the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.
“What our opponents would like the public to forget is that our current system poses the greatest danger to our communities. We currently have criminals profiting from selling marijuana on streets to people of all ages.”
Brezny continues; “They draw teens in with marijuana and offer them other drugs. We need to take marijuana out of the criminal market and place it in regulated stores that are prohibited from selling to minors. Regulating marijuana will make Nevada communities safer.”
“Doctors and patients shouldn’t fear that they are committing a crime by discussing marijuana as a treatment option”, the Yes on 4 campaign said in a press release, which specifically focused on the medical qualities of cannabis.
“Numerous scientific studies have shown that marijuana is an effective alternative to many prescription drugs, including opioids. But our current laws make it difficult for patients to access marijuana for serious medical issues.”
They continue; “Veterans and other advocates for medical marijuana patients have been part of our campaign from the very beginning. Many of them feel the current medical marijuana policy has too much red tape and creates unnecessary barriers to safe access.”
Both Nevada’s Question 2 and Massachusetts’ Question 4 would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, as well as the personal cultivation of up to six plants. Similar to the systems in place in other legal cannabis states like Colorado, the initiative would also legalize cannabis retail outlets, supplied by licensed cultivation centers.

Below is the ad released by Massachusetts’ Yes on 4 campaign:

Below is the ad released by Nevada’s Yes on 2 campaign:

According to a recent poll released by Suffolk University, Nevada voters favor Question 2 by a margin of 57% to 33%. Massachusetts’ Question 4 enjoys a similar, though not quite as large, margin of victory in a recent WBZ-TV poll which found 53% of voters to be in support of the measure, with 40% opposed.


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