March 14, 2017

Nevada Senate Bill 236 Would Allow for Cities to License Public Consumption of Cannabis

March 14, 2017
Nevada Cannabis

Social consumption policy might be the most talked about issue in the cannabis industry today.  With the passage of Ordinance 300 in Denver, Colorado and other legalized states looking at this sector of the industry, it comes as no surprise than newly legalized Nevada is considering social consumption events and clubs as well. Nevada Senate Bill 236 would allow for cities to license public consumption of cannabis

When I attended MJ Biz Con last November in Las Vegas, I listened to the policy panel that was moderated by Chris Walsh and featured marijuana policy gurus like Ethan Nadelmann and Dale Sky Jones. Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom was featured on the panel as well, and, after making the crowd laugh with a joke about coming to Las Vegas and getting a photo with a joint and casino and then heading “back to Kansas”, he explained his understanding of his constituents.  He stated that casinos will abolsutley pursue getting involved in this industry and that the reaction to medical marijuana in his district has been fantastic.  At the end of the panel a question was asked about the federal government and their policies on marijuana, and Senator Segerblom answered by saying, “We protect state rights. They aren’t going to tell us what to do.”

So, it comes as no surprise then that Sen. Segerblom has proposed Nevada Senate Bill 236 to legalize cannabis clubs and marijuana use at events in Nevada.

A recent article from Fox Reno explains this more and also gives Segerblom’s thoughts on the topic.

Senator Tick Segerblom wants to add marijuana to that list and make Nevada a destination for people who want to use recreational pot.
Segerblom said, “if we’re going to attract people to Nevada to use marijuana, which I think we are, then we need to find a place to use it.”
Currently, Nevadans can only use marijuana in their homes per state law. That’s why the senator drafted Nevada Senate Bill 236.
Segerblom spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. “My concern is that given that fact, we’re going to have lots of people come here to Nevada and want to purchase it, and then we’re going to have to figure out where they can use it, or if they don’t have a place for them to use it. Then, they’re going to be walking up and down the strip or walking in downtown Reno, which I don’t think any of us want that.”
Many tourists stay in hotels, but because it’s still illegal under federal law, marijuana is not allowed in any building where gambling takes place.

Living in Oregon, I have seen first hand how much of a need there is for social consumption venues and events in a state where recreational/adult-use cannabis has been legalized.  It is our hope that legalized states and politicians, such as Sen. Segerblom, will be able to pioneer and navigate this sector of the industry so that, as more states come on board with legalization, a safe and regulated system can already be a model set up for others to adopt.  TWB will continue to watch and update you on this bill in Nevada as well as policy in other states in regards to social consumption of cannabis.

If you would like to learn more about this and other policy and industry topics in Nevada, consider attending the Cannagrow Expo in Reno at the end of the month.


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