March 2, 2011

What is Cannabidiol-Rich Cannabis

March 2, 2011
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I am constantly trying to ride the higher high. So when I get e-mails like this one, I pay attention. It could be the difference between smoking the ‘pretendica’ or the actual real deal. Thanks to the Great Eugene Davidovich for passing this along:

Dear Medical Cannabis Collectives, Patients, Physicians and Friends:

As you may know, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound
in marijuana that has significant medical benefits. In addition to
having anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-psychotic and
anti-spasmodic effects, CBD has unique benefits in reducing adverse
psychological effects of THC, such as anxiety, confusion, paranoia,
and memory loss, which can be problematic to many patients, such as
the elderly. Clinical studies have shown that patients report more
medical relief from strains with an equal mixture of CBD and THC to
those with just THC or CBD alone.

Until recently, CBD has not been readily available on the market.
Laboratory surveys have found that the vast majority of available
strains have only insignificant traces of CBD. Only recently, with
the arrival of labs willing to analyze cannabis samples, has it
become possible to identify and develop CBD-rich strains for
practical medical use. More than 25 CBD-rich strains have been
identified and are now being grown out for use by patients in
California and beyond. The Society of Cannabis Clinicians has
developed a survey to document the effects of these strains.

Attached is an invitation to partner with I hope
that your collective will make the most of this unique opportunity.
Support for Project CBD will enhance the credibility of your
collective and the medical cannabis industry as a whole.

Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.
Director, Cal NORML

Dear Dispensing Collective,

ProjectCBD is the leading resource for doctors and patients seeking
information about Cannabidiol and CBD-rich cannabis.
features a Society of Cannabis Clinicians survey designed to evaluate
patient responses to CBD-rich medicine. We are confident that a
serious, professional, physician-run data-collection effort will
enhance the credibility of the medical cannabis movement.

This is to request that you notify us when making CBD-rich medicine
available to patients. We look forward to acknowledging you at

We also request that you support us by becoming a participating
dispensary. The fee is $150 to $750 per quarter, based on ability to
pay. News coverage is not contingent on participation and people
unable to pay are not expected to. Benefits for participating
dispensaries include:

* Priority access to CBD-rich cannabis -including genetics when available
* Logo/listing on as a participating collective
* Materials for educating patients and staff about the potential of CBD
* Speaker(s) for public forums and meetings with government agencies
* Validation of your collective’s medical identity and purpose.

For more information,
visit <> and/or contact me


Sarah Russo
Project CBD Outreach Coordinator


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