Activist Mails Book And A Gram Of Marijuana To Canadian Politicians

dana larsen marijuana canada

(image via Cannabis Culture)

I have long admired Canadian marijuana activists. I have only been to Canada as a child, well before I was a marijuana consumer and activist. But I have always wanted to travel to Canada and meet a lot of activists that I have admired from afar for a long time now. One of those activists is Dana Larsen. Dana Larsen recently did something that would never fly in America, but is something that I think is fantastic and has been receiving a lot of media buzz.

Dana Larsen recently sent a copy of his book, along with a gram of top shelf medical grade marijuana to almost 200 Canadian politicians. Per Cannabis Culture:

Liberal MPs will soon be getting some interesting and fragrant mail.

Pot activist and former B.C. NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen is sending a special package to the 184 politicians. The manila envelope contains his and illustrator Patrick Dowers' new book Cannabis in Canada, the Illustrated History --- as well as a gram (approx. $12-$15 worth) of medical-grade marijuana.

"It's not legal to mail people weed ... but most of Canada's marijuana laws are made to be broken, so that's just another one," said Larsen who added he is not worried about any legal backlash for the 6.5 ounces that will be sent out.

That's a very bold thing to do! Again, if this happened in America the USPS would likely not make the deliveries, and there would be some serious consequences. However, Dana clearly doesn't seem worried that anything bad will happen to him as a result of his mailings. I think this is a really cool thing to do. I don't think it's something that can be done anywhere and everywhere, but I think it will be OK where Mr. Larsen lives. I love his quote, 'most of Canada's marijuana laws are made to be broken.' That deserves to be on bumper stickers and T-shirts!