November 16, 2013

Americans For Safe Access Has A New Chapter In Virginia

November 16, 2013
Americans For Safe Access press conference detroit michigan

Americans For Safe Access virginia medical marijuanaIt always makes me happy when a new chapter of a marijuana reform organization is started. Especially in states on the East Coast, which is a part of America that needs as much reform as possible. There are definitely marijuana friendly areas on the East Coast, but there are also very harsh areas on the East Coast for marijuana reform. And even the areas that are marijuana friendly aren’t as friendly as over here on the West Coast.

Congratulations to the newest chapter of Americans for Safe Access in Virginia. They have their first meeting today, and if you are in the area, you should definitely go show your support! Below is more information about the chapter and event, courtesy of Americans for Safe Access:

Safe Access Virginia (SAV) is the brand new ASA chapter dedicated to bringing medical cannabis to our commonwealth. While Virginia was one of the very first states to adopt a medical cannabis policy in the late 1970s, the still-extant law is purely symbolic, requiring a valid cannabis prescription for any legal immunity and failing to establish any distribution scheme. SAV was created to address this issue on a statewide level, to ensure that compassion and reason guide expedient medical cannabis policy change.

We have already contacted our legislators in person, via phone and via letter, and have received mixed responses. Given the recent contentious elections in Virginia and the national and state-level fervor over healthcare reform, the time for pushing medical cannabis policy is now. We have created a comprehensive Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, which establishes a committee comprised of professionals and laypeople from various backgrounds to oversee the immediate implementation of the details of the act. The act covers legal immunity, responsibilities and rights of patients, physicians and caretakers, a system of distribution and patient cultivation, and identifies a wide and expandable list of qualifying conditions. We are hoping to find sponsors for this act this legislative session.

To grow our movement in Virginia, we are hosting our inaugural meeting from 12 to 2pm on Saturday, November 16th, at the Fish Bowl Bistro and Bar, 101 South 15th Street, Richmond, VA. The first hour will be a social forum for new members to get acquainted, and in the second hour the steering committee will present the drafted legislation, the specific courses of action we plan to pursue, lobbying and advocacy skills training, and future plans for chapter development and events. We invite anyone to join our movement to end the suffering and indignity imposed by Virginia’s current lack of safe access to medical cannabis.

Come to find out how you can plug in!

What: Safe Access VA Inaugural Meeting

When: Saturday, November 16th 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Where: Fish Bowl Bistro and Bar, 101 South 15th Street, Richmond, VA


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