January 17, 2012

Cannabis Oasis: A Business Perspective In The State Of Washington

January 17, 2012
Medical Marijuana Sign

Medical Marijuana SignMarijuana is legal under broken laws in various states. Broken because non-violent fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters still go to jail for doing all the right things. Unfortunately, we live in a world where if you Google “bar” (where people are expected to drive home from) in any major city, more than your fair share that will pop up. Google “dispensary” and you’re lucky if one is in your area. Even if the number of dispensaries equaled bars and liquor stores you wouldn’t see planes fall out of the sky or the rate of underage pregnancies increase, thank you MTv.

Legal or not people will smoke marijuana but if legal the world could and would change for the better – A domino effect of positive repercussions would be felt right away. Until then I’ll make do with what I can get, thank you medical marijuana.

It’s still the Wild Wild West when it comes to marijuana, especially when it comes to running a dispensary. States by state laws are different just as from dispensary to dispensary they are different in the same state.

My latest preference has been the Cannabis Oasis, simply because they are close to home and have an awesome selection. They also are the comeback story of one old hippie that won’t give up.

9 months ago they opened in the outskirts of Seattle under the protection of common sense. The people have spoken and the government in that area has listened, from attorneys to the mayor — weed is not a priority but a source of revenue.

Arriving at the Cannabis Oasis you have to be clicked in through a set of security doors until the appropriate paperwork is supplied. Once that is out of the way your greeted with kindness and knowledge.

Cannabis Oasis
Wally And James From Caanabis Oasis

Wally, the owner, is and has been all about marijuana even before it became mainstream. Being an old hippie he carries a lot of knowledge modern day growers don’t have, now days you just need to go pick up a clone and pray. He was underground and didn’t even know it, all he ever cared about was not getting caught like everyone else does, unless you live in a medical state with a medical condition.

Prior to the security doors they were opened for 7 months than were hit by part of a series of severe robberies aimed at dispensaries, the other store that got hit is known as The Green Door. Wally didn’t think at the time doing a press release about a robbery would be a good idea and he was right. One of the arguments against medical marijuana and dispensaries is that it attracts crime but every and any business is victim to robbery, the bad guys don’t carry signs.

Before the robbery, Cannabis Oasis had over 40 strains, free hash and mad advertising. After that they have only a daily variety of quality herb. There will always be a wide variety simply because there is a high (pun intended) demand for quality medicine. Another anti-argument is that people will make money selling marijuana. Counterpoint would be “So?”. If you want something good and helpful you have to pay and appreciate and know, all this I get from Wally and James.

Can’t figure if you want a indica or sativa? Wally and James (watch out he’s a ginger – hope you watch South Park) have answers and suggestions. Prices range from the economy stash to quality like Blue Dream, NYC Sour Diesel and a local favorite Cinnexx – Cinnexx is brought to you by a local grow-op known as Bully Pharm, a grow-op of veterans.

Cannabis Oasis is a friendly idea environment providing quality hash, edibles, tinctures, and other related items. Slowly they’re getting back on their feet. The front door isn’t easy access nor is there always parking but once your in it, its worth you while at this family friendly environment – minus the kids.

Here in Washington State (the good place not the other one filled with assholes) we have a bill coming up, I-502. 502 would legalize marijuana, it would also create a state revenue and perhaps even tourism – but there is great debate over this one and many like it in other states. One of the main arguments against 502 is the 5 n/g clause which could put you in jail if you pot positive being over – as a mostly daily smoker I would fail right now. Many patients are against the bill merely for this but I add that approving such a bill could monopolize marijuana in a corporate American form that could be bad. When you fight for an idea do you fight for our version of it or for the purity that it should be? Legal weed sounds awesome but there shouldn’t be conditions to it, where are the conditions that made booze legal?

Cannabis Oasis has is that place you want to stop by even if you’re not getting anything right away. The people that run Cannabis Oasis are normal joes with no other intentions but to sell some weed. Why is it okay to say “Going to the liquor store or going to the market for beer” but not say “Could you get me some weed?” – it’s not. The government needs to leave dispensaries alone, so they can worry about the real bad guys.

Wally provides what is required of the cannabis experience: 1) Quality herb that has been personally tested by one or more of the employees 2)Any questions regarding indica or sativa are applicable (California is ahead of the game in this department. Before back in the day when it came to herb, one only worried about smell, stickiness, and pretty white stuff on top. Now we’re down to THC and CBDs (whatever the fuck that is). We analyze molds and check for pesticides – wholy shit I couldn’t ask for anything more scientific and feel good). Smoking pot in dispensary states/cities is just as accepted as going to a bar or restaurant.

I couldn’t ask for a better experience from a dispensary. Wally and the crew are why I/We can get high. Why I only have to pay a fee for a license to be mostly legal in a county of a state that lets me mostly be. The Cannabis Oasis was and is something awesome with the help of legal patients and good laws with potential for much better. Wally and the crew have provided an atmosphere that I could only compare to Amsterdam minus the smoking in the house. When you go in knowing what you want the quality will be matched by the dollar.

Recently I got to experience the New York Sour Diesel and it was epic, I’m just waiting for the next crop of Cinnexx from the Bully Pharm to tell you how that goes.

To me The Cannabis Oasis encompasses what the marijuana movement shout be about – decent people just trying to sell an honest thing, that should be the American way.

Dispensaries should be encouraged not raided – raped and pilaged by their own government, talk about tyranny. Marijuana/weed/cannabis/dope/sheeba/bhang/grass/hemp(the kind ignorant people say), mary jane and every other word you can think of is perhaps the only thing that should have been encouraged. Boozing is all well and good: people will prefer it but marijuana is my thing. So until the world gets it head out of its ass I will be a criminal, how fucking asinine is that?

Something is right in the world when I can pick up some weed like a pack of cigarettes and/or a six pack of beer – things that are way more addictive. Excuse the profanities but this shit is fucked! How many more people have to go to jail or serve time for a fucking plant!

People at the Cannabis Oasis are why there are good times with pain relief – “Times with weed and no money are better than times with money and no weed!” a quote from the Fabulous Freak Brothers. Wally and his staff provide only quality products with a smile.

The spirit of the Cannabis Oasis is strong. They are slowly restocking the shelves with quality herb as well as tinctures, hash, hash oils, edibles, pipes, and clones. Determined not to let the bad guys (whether that’s low life scumbags or the government) win. They’ve developed a repertoire with the local law enforcement and business community – non of it negative.

I write this to share a small pixel of the big picture. The owners and operators of dispensaries face more threats than your average business simply because they have to worry about their own government as well. The robbery that took place might as well been a DEA, raiding under some fucked up premise that they’re protecting me.

How many other businesses have to worry about their product taken, only to have it lose value as it sits in some sort of holding cell not conducive to a plant – potentially not get it back.

Dispensaries are not only convenient but they ensure everyone’s (non-smokers included) safety. No more do I have to wait in mysterious parking lots and hope I don’t get shot or that I’ll be ripped off. From now on it’s as easy as picking up milk and a pack of smokes, all for a reasonable price.

The system isn’t perfect but the government shouldn’t have a say in whether I smoke to compensate for nausea or if I smoke simply because that’s what I like to do – with a beer if I’m doing it right.

I know a lot of the readers don’t live in a medical state but all I have to say is the fight is worth it. If there’s one thing a smoker can agree on in a medical state is that it is nice to have. All other forms of legalization are pretty much bullshit, until marijuana is no longer a Schedule I drug. As I-502 keeps developing steam from corporate backers one can only wonder what’s next in stored for the medical marijuana dispensary owners and employees. In a time when economic times are hard you think crushing business would be the last American thing to do.

So thank you Wally and James, the visible front line of the war on drugs.


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