March 9, 2012

DEA Agent Roach Shows She Is An Idiot With Medical Marijuana Comments

March 9, 2012
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DEA evilSomeone Check DEA Special Agent Barbra Roach’s College Transcript

In an article that first appeared on the Denver Post website, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Barbra Roach stated the following, “”By federal law, marijuana is illegal,” Barbra Roach told the Denver Post. “There is no medical proof it has any benefit.” Yes Barbra Roach, marijuana is illegal according to federal law. But there is OVERWHELMING evidence that marijuana has medical benefits. The White House really needs to change the record from the 1930’s that keeps playing over and over, because no one is listening to it.

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t live near a medical university, however I do have this thing called Google. Maybe Barbra Roach hasn’t heard about it because she is too busy building her statue of Harry Anslinger. How the federal government can say with a straight face that marijuana has no medical qualities is mind blowing to me. At least more and more of Americans are seeing through the blatant lies. I hope parents take it as an opportunity to talk to their kids about how lying is wrong.

There is a lady that I met online that has compiled the greatest list of medical marijuana studies that has ever existed. In PDF form, it’s 686 pages! How Barbra Roach and her federal counterparts can say marijuana has no medical value, knowing there is that much research out there that clearly contradicting their claims, is insane! Below is The 2012 Granny’s MMJ List. Here is what Granny Storm Crow said about herself to give you a glimpse into her hardwork, “I work in education, and it would cost me my job if it were known that I use cannabis. I can’t be the activist that I should be, but I am quite good at finding info! So I have made my List and I share it! Once the medical facts about cannabis become known, the need for legalization becomes obvious!” As you will see below, Granny Storm Crow is INVALUABLE to this movement.

Direct Link To The Best Marijuana Study List Ever:



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