August 22, 2013

DEA Pressures Armored Truck Companies To Quit Working With Medical Marijuana Dipsensaries

August 22, 2013
armored car medical marijuana dispensary

armored car medical marijuana dispensaryThe DEA Has Done Everything That It Can Think Of To Make The Medical Marijuana Industry ‘Cash Only’ Without Security Services

The DEA is getting craftier in their war against medical marijuana. Multiple reports came out today that armored security services are discontinuing business with medical marijuana dispensaries, citing ‘pressure from the DEA.’ Most security system services won’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries, credit card companies won’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries, banks won’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries, there’s the 280e tax issue, and now of course you can add armored truck companies to that list.

That is a pretty hard core environment for any business to operate in. Medical marijuana dispensaries can basically only accept cash, can’t store the cash in the bank, can’t have a reliable way to transport that cash safely, and unless you use a new start up ‘cannabis only’ security company, there will be no alarm if someone breaks into the medical marijuana dispensary to steal the cash (or whatever else). All of this of course occurring in states that have state laws recognizing the legality of medical marijuana dispensaries…Why does the federal government hate medical marijuana so much?

From the Huffington Post ,one of my marijuana heroes Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority:

“The president says he has bigger fish to fry than go after individual users, but at nearly every step, his administration has tried to make it so those users are unable to purchase marijuana through safe and regulated means…By pressuring banks not to do business with dispensaries, the federal government ensures that many of these taxpaying businesses have to become cash-only, increasing the chances of robberies.”

From our friends at MMJ Business Daily

“This is a major threat to public safety intentionally engineered by the administration…This reckless and shameful policy not only puts the lives of dispensary operators and patients at risk, it threatens the safety of thousands of employees, contractors, and state officials who receive payments from our industry every day.”

The DEA’s war against medical marijuana tramples the rights of the citizens that live in medical marijuana states. These states enacted their medical marijuana laws for a reason, and even if one state (let alone 20) had a medical marijuana program enacted by the voters or legislature, the feds should respect that state. In the future Americans are going to look back on this time and wonder how we could be so stupid. DEFUND THE DEA!

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