November 21, 2012

Don’t Sentence Montana Cannabis Grower To 80 Years In Prison

November 21, 2012
chris williams montana medical marijuana grower

chris williams montana medical marijuana growerMontana Medical Marijuana Grower Chris Williams Is Facing A Virtual Life Sentence

I truly hope that all TWB readers know about Montana medical marijuana grower Chris Williams’ ongoing legal battle. If you don’t, below is information about a petition that needs 20,000 signatures (currently at 17,339) to help Chris Williams try to avoid a virtual life sentence in prison. Please do your part and keep the pressure on, as this could be just about anyone of us:

  • Target: U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen
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Chris Williams will serve a lifetime prison sentence for operating a medical marijuana business in Montana–one of the 18 states where medical cannabis is perfectly legal. Since federal marijuana laws contradict many state drug laws, Williams earned an outrageous 80 years in prison for failing to guess which law he should follow.

Williams’ tragic conviction forces him to leave his career and his teenage son behind–and exceeds the sentences of most pedophiles and violent offenders by decades!

We must reform federal law so the ambiguity of drug standards doesn’t land innocent business owners in jail for life.

Williams frequently gave property tours to law enforcement officials, politicians, and community leaders. The approval of his business was apparent in Montana’s law, among Williams’ community members, and in a statement released by the Department of Justice.

Release Chris Williams from the morally repugnant 80 year sentence he earned for legally supplying medical cannabis to the sick!

Below is the language of the letter:

Dear U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen,

Montana medical cannabis grower, Chris Williams, received an appalling prison sentence of 80 years for operating his business within Montana’s law. Not only is this remarkably unjust, but the logic behind his prison sentence is confusing and unsound.

Federal medical marijuana laws do not match up with state medical marijuana laws–so Williams was simultaneously following and breaking the law. It is up to the federal government to implement reforms so laws are clear, and don’t create dangerous legality gaps that trap innocent citizens.

Your comments will be added here.

Operating a legal business that helps the sick should not earn Williams 80 years in prison, losing him his career and the ability to father his teenage son. The law and the court system failed Williams, so I urge you to immediately reverse the ridiculous conviction imposed on him.

Don’t give Chris Williams a lifetime prison sentence for running a safe and legal business that was community and state-approved!

[Your name here]


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