February 2, 2015

First Fully Licensed Dispensary To Open In San Diego

February 2, 2015
San Diego medical marijuana bob filner proposal

San Diego medical marijuana bob filner proposalSan Diego has had medical marijuana dispensaries for a long time. However, they operated against the city’s will, and have been the target of raids for about as long as they have existed. San Diego has been at the epicenter of the battle against medical marijuana dispensaries, but a new era is about to begin. The City of San Diego has issued its first dispensary license to a dispensary that is operating within city limits. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The city granted Blair initial approval last October, but a drug prevention specialist appealed the decision. On Thursday, the city’s planning commission unanimously rejected the appeal and gave Blair the go-ahead.

The move could mark a turning point for San Diego, which has struggled for years with illegal MMJ operations while trying to set up acomprehensive regulatory system for those eager to work within the confines of the law, such as Blair.

The city will ultimately allow up to four dispensaries in each city council district, for a total of 30. Just under a year ago, the San Diego city council estimated that there were over 100 dispensaries in operation within the city’s borders.

This is good and bad news for safe access in San Diego. On one hand, it’s the first of many dispensary licenses to be issued. On the other hand, it’s the writing on the wall for some dispensaries that have operated in San Diego for many years that will likely not get a license. Do you live in San Diego? What do you think of this license being issued? Do you feel that this regulated approach is better than what’s been going on the last several years? Or do you feel that there should be unimpeded access to licenses for anyone that wants to open a dispensary?


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