Food Drive Donations Are Being Collected At Participating Los Angeles Dispensaries For Food4Cannabis


There are few things that I love as much as highlighting when members from the marijuana community step up to help worthy causes. There is currently a food drive underway in Los Angeles, with participating dispensaries accepting donations. All of the donations go towards families that are in need. I have always said that the marijuana community is so good at spreading awareness, organizing, and pooling together resources that the community should use that skill set to help the world.

canna causes foundation

(image via canna causes foundation)

From what I have read, there is a man out there that shares that same desire. That man's name is Aryn Sieber, who started an organization called the Canna Causes Foundation. Below is a brief description about the organization, via the organization's website:

CannaCauses was established September 11, 2015, by Aryn Sieber to honor the heroes and victims of 9/ll and to launch the Compassionate Cannabis Community.

As a result of being a ground zero first responder volunteer,  Aryn developed cancer and was diagnosed with Stage IVA Squamish Cell carcinoma of the throat and neck in 2014. To help relieve the side effects of his chemo and radiation treatments, Aryn used his expertise as a medicinal cannabis grower to develop a line of low dose edibles and began medicating with CBD oil with honey.

Giving purpose to his second chance at life, Aryn has devoted his life to educating others about responsible  medicinal cannabis dosing. In doing so, Big Wave Enterprises and Cre-Edibles were established as vehicles to carry out these goals and objectives.  Establishing the CannaCauses Foundation as a 501 (c)3 [pending] nonprofit was the logical next step in that process. Our goal is to establish a nationwide network of like-minded Compassionate Cannabis Communities who emphasize and promote the responsible use and benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Every time I read that story, I get a lump in my throat. My buddy Kaliko heard the story in first person, and I don't think I'd be able to make it all the way through that without needing quite a bit of Kleenex. For obvious reasons, I fully support this foundation, this food drive, and everything and anything else that they do in the future. Below is info about where the food is going:

The PEGGY BEATRICE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that believes communities can be restored one family at a time. By embracing communities and people who are underserved and lacking adequate resources, we provide individuals with the support and tools needed to meet their immediate needs. Through our outreach programs, including feeding the homeless, Christmas toy drives, Holiday food pantries, our children programs and our back to school programs we purpose, to restore the heart of communities to a healthy family structure.

You can find out which dispensaries are participating (drive goes through the 20th of this month), as well as more about the Canna Causes Foundation via their website. Remember that organization's name, because I'll be plugging their future projects too as they come up.