April 23, 2012

High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup Winners

April 23, 2012
high times medical cannabis cup denver 2012

high times medical cannabis cup denver 2012Results From The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup In Denver

What a weekend! Here it is, the Sunday after 4/20, and we just concluded a momentous, second HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver. Patients, activists, growers and cannabis fans from every strata of stoner society gathered to celebrate Colorado’s flourishing cannabis industry. Many of the attendees had been present at the massive 4/20 turnout on Friday at City Center Park where a crowd in excess of 20,000 celebrated our national high holiday. Spirits were understandably sky-high when doors opened for a HIGH TIMES weekend of cannabis celebration.

Last year, the event experienced the vagaries of Colorado weather, witnessing an 80-degree scorcher on Saturday followed by snow the next day. But this year, Rocky Mountain sunshine was the order of both days, warming the attendees and stoking the camaraderie for which the cannabis community is known. Once again, EXDO Events Center served as the venue for the Cup offering a spacious hall for merchandisers of cultivation gear, paraphernalia, clothing and the wide variety of accessories that are necessary for a cannabis-themed lifestyle. A secondary, private building was transformed into an “Amendment 20” medication area (named for the historic Colorado amendment to the State constitution that legalized medical pot). Like our recent Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, the phenomenon of “dabs” (high-potency concentrates) was on display in the medication area with nearly all of the participating medical marijuana centers offering samples to patients. The evolution of “dab culture” necessitated a panel of experts to discuss the issue; senior editor Bobby Black headed the “To Dab or Not to Dab” seminar. Its conclusion: “Dab responsibly.” (Look for a comprehensive feature on dabs in an upcoming issue of HIGH TIMES.)

Other seminars tackled the ballot initiatives slated for the November election that deal with legalization for adult use, beyond the medical realm. This issue has raised new debating points: whether medical cannabis is actually holding up the battle to end marijuana prohibition once and for all. Within Colorado’s legalization movement, there is lively debate as to the merits of Amendment 64, the first pot legalization ballot in Colorado’s history. Will it really repeal prohibition? Seminars at the Cup attempted to define the initiative’s fine points and panelists agreed that it was paramount for the community to unite rather than indulge in rancorous, divisive infighting.

Awards night honored Colorado entrepreneurs who have vaulted the state’s medical access programs to the forefront of the industry. NORML founder Keith Stroup received the HIGH TIMES Lifetime Achievement Award, a huge surprise for the legendary pot rights attorney. And Miss HIGH TIMES 2012 was crowned as well. Our new queen is Emily Aryn from Lansing, MI (or Lansterdam, as she calls it).

Once again, we were blown away by the energy and passion of Colorado’s cannabis community and we are indebted to its hard work, which has enabled an event like the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup to take place. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible. Here are the 2012 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup winners:

1 – SFV OG, Pink House Blooms
2 – Kurple Fantasy, 420 Wellness Alameda
3 – Cataract Kush, River Rock North

1 – Stardawg Guava, The Clinic on Holly
2 – Red Headed Stranger, Natural Remedies
3 – Jack Herer, Medicine Man Denver

1 – Skunkberry, Green Man Cannabis (THC)
2 – Jack Flash, Fresh Baked, Boulder
3 – Rascal OG, The Clinic on Holly

Tie–Pink House Blooms for Super Silver Haze
The Clinic on Holly for Kosher Kush

1–CBD Oil, River Rock South
2–R4, The Greenwerkz
3–Tora Bora, Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

1–Mint Chocolate Bar, Dabba Chocolate
2–Chocolate Truffles, Dixie Elixirs
3–Bubble Brownie, Standing Akimbo MMC

1–707 Headband Shatter, Top Shelf Extracts
2–Strawberry Cough Nectar, The Clinic Highlands
3–Blueberry Extract, River Rock North

Lemon OG Solventless Wax, Pink House Verde

2–Pink House Blooms
3–Platte Valley

1–Mama P’s Wholesale Grinding Company by MATE
2–Hitman Glass Chess Pieces Book
3–The Essential Bags by the Trim Shop

1–Mad Hatter, Marble Madness
2–Hitman Glass, Glass Torch Tube
3–Dopeass Glass


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