August 26, 2014

Kansas Democratic Party Endorses Medical Marijuana

August 26, 2014
kansas marijuana

kansas marijuanaMajor state political parties are getting on board with marijuana reform. The latest is the Democratic Party of Kansas. The official Kansas Democratic party platform includes an endorsement for medical marijuana. Admittedly, there are not really any details as far as what form of medical marijuana they are referring to (CBD only? Home cultivation?). But it’s still very significant because after all, it’s Kansas. It’s not as big of news if it had been the Republican Party of Kansas, but still, it’s way more significant than a West Coast state’s Democratic Party endorsing. Per Kansas.Com:

“Kansas Democrats support the availability of marijuana for medical use and protection of patients from criminal arrest and prosecution,” the platform states.

Esau Freeman, a Wichita painter and activist who led efforts to include marijuana decriminalization on the Wichita ballot, praised the policy’s inclusion.

I would love to see a survey of Kansas Democrats to see how they feel about the details of a medical marijuana program. What conditions would qualify to become a patient? Is it just doctors that can determine qualification, or are other health professionals allowed to determine qualification? Would home cultivation be allowed? If so, how many plants? If not, why? As with any political issue, the devil is in the details. Still, I’m impressed with the move by the Democratic Party of Kansas, because that’s not an easy state to be an out and proud supporter of reform due to persecution and reefer madness.


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