May 25, 2016

Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force Responds To City Council’s Attempts To Fix Proposition D

May 25, 2016
los angeles medical marijuana

los angeles medical marijuanaThe Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force issued a statement today responding to last week’s news that Los Angeles City Council president Herb Wesson had directed city staff to explore a ballot measure that would extend Proposition D’s gross receipts tax to all cannabis-related businesses.

The LA Cannabis Task Force is a coalition of cannabis operators dedicated to cannabis regulations that create safe neighborhoods and a healthy economy. The following can be attributed to Ariel Clark, a leading industry attorney at Clark Neubert and Chair of the Task Force:

“The LA Cannabis Task Force is pleased to see City Council President Herb Wesson take an active role to address this critical issue negatively impacting our community. His leadership towards smart regulation and legislation reflects the considerable compassion and knowledge demonstrated by his office regarding the needs of the medical cannabis community. Mr. Wesson rightly understands that bans are counter-productive and poorly crafted enforcement mechanisms only empower the continued existence of a black market.

We will continue to work with their office to balance public safety, economic development and public heath towards the adoption of a regulatory structure for medical cannabis that helps improve quality of life and create local economic growth. We also remain focused on fighting to ensure our city’s most vulnerable patients – those who disproportionately rely on delivery services and/or infused products for life-saving medication – maintain access to safe and affordable cannabis, and that all license types are allowed to apply and thrive in Los Angeles in accordance with state law.”

BACKGROUND: The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) became California state law on January 1, 2016, and it intends to create many different license types for an inclusive and thriving cannabis industry. To get a state license though, entities must first obtain a local permit, a regulatory system that Los Angeles does not have in place. In response to this chaotic lack of regulation, insular groups are attempting to solidify Proposition D as the local licensing structure. This would ensure that only a limited number of operators would have the opportunity to receive local cannabis licensing and shut out more than 95 percent of Los Angeles’ legitimate cannabis industry. More importantly, it would reduce taxable revenue and jobs, create neighborhood safety issues, and force many entrepreneurs out of the local industry or into the black market.

Source: The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force is dedicated to creating cannabis regulations that create safe neighborhoods and a healthy economy for all Angelenos. Learn more at


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