February 2, 2015

Medical Marijuana Business Licenses Announced In Illinois

February 2, 2015
Illinois medical marijuana hb 1

Illinois medical marijuana hb 1Illinois medical marijuana patients have waited for awhile now for safe access to medicine. Applicants for medical marijuana business licenses have also been waiting. Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn failed to issue licenses before left office, but issued ‘recommendations’ for who he thought should get licenses. It was unclear whether the incoming Governor, Bruce Rauner, would issue licenses at all. Things cleared up today when Governor Rauner did indeed announce winners of Illinois medical marijuana business licenses. Per the Chicago Sun Times:

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration Monday announced who would be allowed to grow and sell medical marijuana in Illinois.

The governor’s general counsel announced 18 licenses would be awarded to growers.

And of the 60 available selling licenses, 52 have been awarded.

You can view a complete list of the awarded licenses at the link I provided above. There are some licenses that are ‘to be awarded after further review’ so there is the chance that some applicants could still get a license. But regardless, due to how botched the process was, I have to assume that lawsuits are already being filed and that litigation will be lengthy. Hopefully that doesn’t result in patients having to wait even longer for safe access.


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