May 1, 2011

Medical Marijuana in Montana Needs Your Help

May 1, 2011

A Special Letter from Jason Christ:

Hi Everyone;

Tonight I am deeply concerned about the disrespect our representatives have shown us in Helena by attempting to restrict access to the medical marijuana that has helped improve our lives in so many ways: jobs, health, productivity, community.

A special guest who is a Political Attorney is going to share his thoughts with us at a last minute meeting, intended to correspond with SB423’s position on our Governor’s desk. He will illuminate the initiative and repeal processes, court action that can stop SB423 cold in it’s tracks and how this can be done within our resources – that we currently have.

I am drafting a Complaint against the State of Montana, because my personal feeling is that I must do everything I possibly can at this point to ensure that my fellow human being will be able to find healthy relief from everything from chronic and severe pain to a productive job opportunity, benefiting from what We the People voted into existence.

This meeting is free. It will be this Thursday night, May 5th, 2011 at 7PM, in Missoula. If you wish to participate, please reply to:

The location will be determined and posted on all of our websites on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 –,,,

My hope is that we will put aside our personal lives for 3 hours, while we come together and become educated about our options. We do not have to be driven out of business, nor do we have to become subjects to a police state – we can be like our forefathers and stand up for what we believe. I believe that if we join together in this effort, we will not only win, but we will set a pioneering example for our children, and the rest of Our Nation.

Respectfully Yours,

Jason Christ, Founder
Montana Caregivers Network, CannabisCare+
(800) 210-0012


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