Medical Marijuana Sales Are Now Legal In Nevada


Nevada's medical marijuana patients had a big day yesterday, as medical marijuana sales became legal. Well, they became legal on paper. The rollout of a dispensary program is still waiting to happen. So while medical marijuana sales are legal, it doesn't mean that they are going to happen anytime soon. You can't sell without a license, and it will be a bit before licenses are issued.

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensaries

"There are so many what ifs," said Adam Mayberry, spokesman for the city of Sparks according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. "The reports I have seen put it at later this year or early 2015. It is possible you could see it by later this year --- and I want to emphasis late."

The state of Nevada is currently accepting job applications and is interviewing applicants for 12 permanent positions, and 15-part-time positions to process applications for medical marijuana businesses once they start rolling in. The State of Nevada will give a 45 day notice before they start offering applications to potential business owners.

I have some friends and family in the Reno and Las Vegas areas. I know that getting safe access to medicine has been an issue for them. Nevada is like many medical marijuana states that don't have 'above board' dispensaries. Many delivery services and unofficial dispensaries are operating there, and have been for quite sometime with no issues. It will be nice to see the State of Nevada finally bring them on board and reap the tax revenue benefits of them.