Michigan Attorney Leads Marijuana Signature Gathering Effort


Signature Gathering For Marijuana To Start This Week In Michigan

Michigan Medical Cannabis

A Detroit attorney wants to let Michigan voters decide on new marijuana regulations. Detroit attorney Matt Abel, who is a registered medical marijuana patient in Michigan, is starting the signature gathering next week. From what I can tell from news reports out of Michigan, Matt Abel was inspired to start the process after hearing about so many potential Michigan medical marijuana patients being turned down by unfriendly doctors.

I can't find any wording for the proposal, but according to an article published by the Detroit Free Press, "It would be for religious, medical and personal use, industrial use and agricultural use -- we're putting all that right in the wording," said Abel, 53, of Detroit. The article also stated, "The goal is to be on the statewide November ballot with a proposal allowing Michiganders 21 and older to possess small amounts of marijuana, he said." As soon as I find some text or more information, I will make sure to post it on TWB for all to see.

As always, opponents are clinging to the 'it's still illegal under federal law' argument. I am so sick of this argument. I guarantee these are the same people that push so hard for states' rights and NIMBY and who knows what else when it fits their ideology. Yet when it comes to marijuana (medical or recreational) all of sudden they act like having the feds run everything is how they have wanted it all along. In the article, an attorney explains why a constitutional amendment would be better than the current marijuana policy in Michigan. "The state act allowing medical marijuana "doesn't legalize marijuana, it creates an exception to illegality -- but a constitutional amendment would be a stronger protection for the use of marijuana, medical or otherwise," attorney and Royal Oak City Commissioner Jim Rasor said."

Another great quote from the article comes from a long time marijuana activist in Michigan. 'The campaign for legalization "is a direct result of ... Schuette and his obsession with destroying the medical marijuana act...People are getting desperate and saying, 'We have to push ahead and get public opinion on our side,' " said Detroit-based health care benefits firm owner Tim Beck, 60, of Detroit, who in 2006 helped draft Michigan's medical marijuana act.

The article ended with a plug for an event that sounds very worthwhile, so I will keep it in it's entirety below. As I stated before, I will try as hard as I can to get in touch with the activists that are behind the signature gathering to see if I can get some text, and whatever other info that is helpful. If by some Google miracle they read this article before I can contact them, activists in Michigan, send me an e-mail so I can help spread the word!

More Details: Marijuana symposium at Wayne State University

The "National and State Marijuana Reform -- Social, Economic, Health and Legal Implications" symposium is 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Jan. 27 at Wayne State University Law School's Spencer Partrich Auditorium.

The keynote speaker is former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. Other speakers include WSU professors of law and pharmacy, prominent Detroit-area attorneys involved with legalization efforts and speakers from nonprofit groups that favor legalization.

The event is open to the public. To register, call 313-577-8032.