February 13, 2016

Nevada Health Official Predicts Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Will Quadruple Soon

February 13, 2016
Nevada medical Marijuana dispensaries

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesNevada has had a medical marijuana program for awhile now, but it wasn’t until recently that there were state licensed dispensaries. There have been some dispensaries operating in the shadows for years, but now dispensaries are fully regulated and operating with the full permission of the State of Nevada. With safe access points opening up all over Nevada, more and more Nevada residents are becoming medical marijuana patients, with exponential growth predicted for the near future. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Some good news for Nevada’s medical cannabis businesses: the number of MMJ patients in the state may more than quadruple in coming years, according to a state health official.

Nevada is receiving about 300 medical marijuana card applications per month. If that pace keeps up, the number of registered patients will increase from the current number of about 14,000, to 60,000, a deputy administrator of the state Division of Public and Behavioral Health told the state’s Legislative Interim Finance Committee this week, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Through Feb. 10, there were 18 dispensaries that had received their final certificates, while 12 of them are open, according to state medical marijuana program numbers.

This is great news. More patients gaining safe access to medical marijuana is always a good thing. In addition to serving Nevada patients, Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries can also sell medical marijuana to out of state patients under certain circumstances. Full recreational marijuana legalization is expected to pass in November in Nevada. All of that is adding up to quite the business potential, and could result in Nevada becoming one of the largest state marijuana industries in the nation.


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