May 12, 2011

New Website Launched to Help Medical Marijuana in Montana

May 12, 2011
Montana Sign

This is the e-mail I received from the infamous Jason Christ of Montana Caregivers Network:

Check it out, I just launched it…it is still being developed, but after tonight I won’t be working much on it…

The website address is STOPSB423.COM

Click here to go there:

Please, let’s work together.


The proposed regulations in Montana are ridiculous. I’m not necessarily saying that the system needs to stay in place exactly how it is, but the regulations that are being proposed are insane. They include:

– New rules for chronic and severe pain require XRAY, MRI and/or 2nd Physician’s Physical

– Montana Residency Required

– 4 Plants, if you get a caregiver, you cannot grow as a patient, caregivers can’t charge

– Parolees and those on Probation cannot get their mmj card – straight up denial.

– Drivers with a card must submit to a blood sample and a search of your car, at any time

– Those with FBI history, child support, or unpaid bills (poor credit), can’t be a caregiver.

Expensive x-rays, MRI’s, and extra doctor visits are an undue burden for patients. No one has to do those things in order to get a lot of pharm, so why should mmj be any different? A four plant limit is ridiculous. Parolees and probation candidates should be allowed if the crime was non-violent, and ESPECIALLY if the person is in the system for mere marijuana possession. The bill makes no distinction. The whole automatic search of a vehicle if the cop wants to is a clear violation of search and seizure protections afforded by the US and Montana constitutions. Long story short – IF YOU ARE MONTANA, USE ALL MEANS NECESSARY TO OPPOSE THIS LEGISLATION!!!!


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