July 25, 2011

San Jose Medical Marijuana Expert Gives Tips for Safe Consumption

July 25, 2011
Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano VaporizerSome medical marijuana medicating methods can be potentially hazardous to patients’ health, says San Jose medical marijuana dispensary MedMar Healing Center. The South Bay cannabis club’s staff makes it their business to educate their patients and the community about the importance of safe and responsible consumption practices, and offers a wide range of alternatives to the traditional method of smoking marijuana.

Although medical marijuana is nontoxic, smoking it can be hazardous because toxic compounds are created in the combustion process, and certain methods of creating fire contain harmful chemicals.

“If you smoke, what you use to light your medication can be harmful to your lungs,” said MedMar representative Doug Chloupek. “It is best to stay away from lighters and instead use items such as bee-line honey wicks. And if you must use a lighter, stay away from butane gas and torch lighters.”

A healthier option for those who prefer inhaling their medicinal cannabis is to use a vaporizer instead of a traditional bong or pipe because vaporization heats the plant matter enough to release the medicinal compounds, but not to the point of combustion.

A Cal NORML/MAPS vaporizer study determined that vaporizers that heat medicinal cannabis to temperatures between 266° to 446° Fahrenheit (the point where medically active vapors are produced, but below the threshold of combustion where smoke is formed) generally produce a healthier inhalant than smoking devices. Vaporizers allow the patient to inhale the therapeutic cannabinoids without any of the harmful smoke and carbon monoxide that pipes and bongs produce.

But buyer beware–choosing a poorly designed vaporizer can lead to the emission of toxic fumes, result in combustion and even create a fire hazard. Tim Morrissey, CEO of Head Change Distributors, a national vaporizer manufacturer and distributor based in San Francisco, says to avoid vaporizers made with plastic parts, unnecessary bells and whistles, and poorly designed whips. A faulty whip can result in back-flow and cause the medicine to fall back into the heating element and burn.

“To ensure your vaporizer doesn’t become a fire hazard, look for vaporizer models that have a three-prong grounded electrical plug and are UL certified,” said Morrissey. “Those are indications the manufacturer took the time to design an electrically safe product with the end consumer in mind–not just dollar signs.”

Likewise, butane-fueled vaporizers can impose health risks, as inhalation of butane can cause euphoria, drowsiness, asphyxia or cardiac arrhythmia. Butane is an odorless tasteless gas, so gasses to like methyl mercaptan are added so they can be smelled, but it doesn’t affect the taste. People using butane vaporizers may smell the butane but disregard it because they can’t taste it, and end up suffering health consequences.

Patients who wish to avoid inhalation altogether may enjoy [medical cannabis edibles, which range from lollipops to brownies, and have the added benefit of being easy to transport and consume discreetly. MedMar recommends that patients follow the same guidelines as they do when purchasing other food products. That means monitoring the ingredients and calories shown on the label. Gluten-free and low-sugar options are available for many different edibles at MedMar.

Another consumption choice is cannabis concentrates. Indica Lullaby Tinctures are fast-acting and allow patients to drink their medication with none of the harmful effects of smoke or calories involved in edibles. Tincture dosages are typically one to two teaspoons dissolved in a cup of water.

For patients who feel most comfortable taking their medication in pill form, God Med Capsules are the answer. God Med is well known for producing its medical marijuana capsules using the highest quality, fully tested, organic cannabis flower.

For more information about the medicinal cannabis consumption options, or to learn more about any of MedMar Healing Center’s products and services, call (408) 426-4400 or visit sanjosemarijuanadispensaries.com. MedMar is located at 170 South Autumn Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

About MedMar Healing Center
MedMar Healing Center, a San Jose cannabis club, is a medical marijuana dispensary that provides high quality medical marijuana to San Jose Prop 215 patients. The comfortable San Jose marijuana dispensary features a large selection of strains and edibles, and their friendly staff can help find the right medication option to suit patients’ varying preferences.

Acting as an easily accessible resource for Bay Area medical marijuana patients, MedMar is centrally located in downtown San Jose, only blocks from the San Jose Sharks’ home, HP Pavilion. They are close to major freeways and thoroughfares, and are located near all the major public transit options, including Diridon Station.



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