October 28, 2012

Sign Petition Calling For Montana Medical Marijuana Caregiver’s Release

October 28, 2012
Montana medical marijuana

dana christensen circuit court cannabis caregiverJudge Dana Christensen: Please RELEASE Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a state-legal medical marijuana caregiver who was convicted on federal charges and now faces a 90-year mandatory minimum sentence for providing medicine to patients in Montana. On November 7th, a judge will decide if the extraordinary circumstances allow for Chris to be released pending his appeal(s) in the 9th Circuit Court.

Please take the time to sign the petition at SignOn.Org urging Judge Christensen to do the right thing. The letter can be found below:

To be delivered to: Judge Dana Christensen, U.S. District Court of Montana

The Honorable Judge Dana Christensen
U.S. District Court – Missoula
201 E. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802

Your Honor,

We are writing you in regards to United States of America vs. Christopher Wayne Williams. As you are probably aware, a post-trial motion for acquittal and new trial was recently filed. We humbly request that you carefully consider this latest motion for relief.

During his trial in September, Mr. Williams admitted that he was co-owner and operator of the Montana Cannabis greenhouse in Helena, Montana. The company he operated kept no secrets. Mr. Williams strived to strictly and *openly* comply with all rules and regulations required by Montana’s medical marijuana law. This included paying state and federal taxes, keeping detailed records of every plant from seed to market and every patient whom Montana Cannabis cared for, even an open door policy with state and local law enforcement and elected officials.

During co-defendant Tom Daubert’s sentencing, you acknowledged having seen portions of the film Code of the West, including a scene that shows Mr. Williams and Mr. Daubert giving a greenhouse tour to Mark Long, the Narcotics Bureau Chief for the State of Montana. This footage is a poignant illustration of how open, honest and above ground Mr. Williams and his colleagues operated their company. We respectfully suggest that only business owners who thought they were completely legitimate would be so forthright about their activities.

If you are unable to accommodate Mr. Williams’ motion for acquittal and new trial, please show him leniency during his upcoming detention hearing. You will hear evidence regarding Mr. Williams extraordinary circumstances. We realize it would take a remarkable level of kindness and consideration for Your Honor to grant Mr. Williams release, but we are confident that if anyone will show compassion towards Mr. Williams, it will be a man of Your Honor’s character and integrity.



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