March 17, 2013

Support The Alabama Medical Exemption Act

March 17, 2013
alabama marijuana legalization house bill 550

alabama medical marijuanaThe Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition and Alabama NORML have been working hard to make medical marijuana a reality in a state that desperately needs it. If you are around Wednesday, join activists at the Alabama state capital to attend the following meeting below:

The Standing Committee on Health’s Healthcare Professionals and Procedures sub-committee will meet in Joint Briefing Room 8th floor on Wednesday, 3/20/13 at 9:30AM on HB-315, the Alabama Medical Exemption Act. The bill would legalize MMJ for patients. If you can go, please do so!!! We will meet at 9 in front of the state house…look for the bright green shirts…

Alabama Statehouse
11S. Union Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36140

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Click here to read Alabama House Bill 315


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