November 24, 2014

Washington Legislature Needs To Pass Medical Marijuana Industry Regulations

November 24, 2014
washington state marijuana regulations

washington state marijuana regulationsWashington’s medical marijuana industry needs regulations to be passed by the Washington Legislature. Right now there is currently a crackdown in Seattle and the rest of the state on medical marijuana businesses due to hazy rules at best, or no regulations at worst. This public policy limbo is having a negative affect on safe access in Washington State, especially in Seattle, where an effort to close medical marijuana businesses has been underway for some time now. Per KUOW.Org:

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said city officials hope the state legislature will resolve this tension by passing regulations for medical marijuana. Earlier this year, the Seattle City Council extended deadlines for medical marijuana providers to come into some form of compliance. But Holmes said some businesses took that as a “green light” to expand.

Last month, the city sent warning letters to more than 300 medical marijuana organizations. The letter said businesses that opened later than November 2013 could be subject to enforcement.

“We are sending a clear message that those businesses are operating outside even the compassionate city of Seattle’s guidelines,” Holmes said. “That is not welcome.”

Seattle’s City Attorney Pete Holmes’ office has filed civil complaints against five medical marijuana businesses who are in violation of city code. There are many more civil complaint filings that will be pursued in coming weeks. The Seattle Police Department is executing search warrants, and this issue is not going to go away until there are sensible regulations in place at the state level. Hopefully the next legislative session in Washington sees that happen. Many from inside the industry have fought regulations, but a lack of regulations could doom the entire industry, and the patients that rely on it.


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