August 2, 2012

What Is ‘The North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network’?

August 2, 2012
north carolina marijuana welfare drug testing

north carolina medical cannabisThe North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network Is Fighting For Medical Marijuana Reform

I was surfing around Reddit earlier today, and came across an organization that is fighting to make medical marijuana a reality in North Carolina. Below is some information that I found on their site that is worthy of sharing. Check out the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network Site for more information:

By Perry Parks

Please read and share this info with every supporter you know. Many of you may not know that Stephen LaRoque was the single person ultimately responsible for stopping HB 577. He did so by hiding our bill..NO MORE..He is gone.

We are busily preparing our bill for re-introduction. It will be assigned a new number and we will have a real head start this time because the time consuming language corrections have already been. It is UP TO US!

Several things need to happen before the legislature reconvenes on January 30th:

1. Contact your local legislator personally. If you need help with this, let me know. This is VERY important. Ask them to commit to “help the vets and other sick people”. Once you have response. pass it on. IF someone has time to compile a list, we can ALL call each other’s legislators to “reinforce our desire that the Medical Cannabis Act be passed this time.

2. The legislative lobbying date needs to be planned for maximum participation. This means transportation planning..vans or other vehicles to help get folks there. I don’t know how to pick a date but discussion on the site can help us arrive at one. I will ask Rep Kelly Alexander for a recommended day. For once, i ask that everyone make the ultimate sacrifice to attend at all costs. I say this because 1000 nccpn members in theme shirts speaks volumes. On the other hand, if we announce a date and 25 show up, it will look like a finge issue. Start taliking with your friends now, and remember, any living creature in a t-shirt counts.

As for the shirts, We have over $400 dollars in donations. I am recommending we purchase as many shirts as we can and have them on hand for people who show up for the event. We can take donations. Anyone who can’t afford a shirt, don’t worry, just show up and be a part of the event.

3. As we commit to the date, hope Chipper or someone can prepare a list of committed members and where they are coming from and helping with others who may lack transportation.

4. Call the Speakers office and bug the hell out of them asking for movrment on this issue. 919.733.3451

5. Call your US House member and ask him/her to vote for the new bill to protect medical marijuana users.

Stay tuned for a unified assault this next year..It is doable but difficult.


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