January 31, 2018

Can Mangoes Help Elevate Your High?

January 31, 2018
The tropical fruit shares some of the same compounds as cannabis.

Mangoes and Marijuana – a Perfect Match?

A delicious mango offers a sweet flavor, tropical scent, and a refreshing finish. It may also make a marijuana even better. Mangoes have been found to create faster, stronger, and longer lasting highs. But how are the fruit and cannabis related?

The connection is believed to lie in myrcene, a terpene that is responsible for mangoes’ distinct smell and taste – and is also often found in strains of cannabis and hops. There has been a growing interest in terpenes in recent years; these chemical compounds give marijuana (and other plants) their unique flavor profiles and aromas. While there are several different terpenes, a Swiss study of 16 different cannabis strains found that myrcene was the most common terpene present.

What is Myrecene and How Does the Terpene Work?

Research into myrcene has found that the terpene can make the cell membranes in the body more permeable, making it easier for the body to process cannabinoids. It is like a one-two punch to the body – myrcene present in the blood stream from eating a mango will enhance the effects of additional levels of the terpene that comes in from cannabis.

Additionally, myrcene has been used as a remedy for pain relief, anti-inflammatory medicine, sleep aid, and even diabetic medications. Cannabis has been shown to have similar medicinal effects. Other terpenes are also being explored for their potential health benefits.

Cannabis and Citrus Fruit – Get Higher and Be Healthier

Fans of concurrent mango and marijuana use have reported that the absorption time of THC was cut from seven seconds to just four. For maximum results, it is suggested eating a ripe mango 45 minutes prior to smoking. The fruit is chock full of Vitamin C and antioxidants – and may make your high better. It’s definitely a win-win for wellness.


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