January 15, 2019

New Data Shows Majority of Patients Seeking Cannabis for Mood-Related Conditions

January 15, 2019
CB2 Insights Publishes Real World Evidence Report on Trends in Medical Cannabis and Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

TORONTO, Jan. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CB2 Insights (“CB2” or the “Company”) a leading global provider of predictive analytics tools, data-driven software and comprehensive services across the medical cannabis value chain, has released, “Real-World Evidence Shows Patients Seeking Cannabis For Mood Disorders,” its first report in a comprehensive series outlining trends and insights found within the medical cannabis industry. The report, which was conducted over a 4-week period, focuses on the propensity of mood-related conditions in medical cannabis patients and provides comparative analysis with other qualifying primary conditions and condition categories such as sleep, pain, appetite and others.

According to the study, CB2 Insights found mood-related conditions accounted for the majority (34.77 percent) of patients seeking cannabis as a medicine (conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder), followed by pain-related. However, while more than half of US states (33 plus Washington, DC) have medical cannabis frameworks in effect, only 24 states list any mood-related disorder as a qualifying condition and in all of those cases only PTSD is listed.

“As the US continues to progress with new states creating frameworks for medical cannabis usage, the industry is primed for Real-World Evidence (RWE) on the benefits on medical cannabis, which is credible data that the marketplace lacks. As of today, the discrepancy between legislative constraints and patient needs is huge,” said Prad Sekar, CEO of CB2 Insights. “RWE vital to ensure that patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders are able to access appropriate intelligence to better integrate this new therapy into traditional treatment plans.”

Key highlights of the report include:

  • Followed by mood-related conditions, pain-related conditions were a close second (33.05%) which includes conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, back problems and spinal cord injuries.
  • According to the study, 15.33% sought cannabinoid therapy for sleep-related disorders. While most states have approved chronic and intractable pain as a qualifying condition for cannabis usage, the vast majority list PTSD as the only qualifying mood-related condition and two states do not allow for mood-related conditions to qualify at all.
  • 7 states plus Washington, DC allow for a certified healthcare practitioner to provide a medical document for patients they deem cannabis as a treatment to be appropriate for any condition; thus allowing those with broader mood-related conditions to qualify.

CB2 Insights focuses on bridging the evidence-based data gap within the medical cannabis industry through predictive analytics tools obtained from the Company’s software and service offerings. The Company’s sub-brands have reached more than 300,000 cannabis patient interactions worldwide.

To download a copy of the report “Real-World Evidence Shows Patients Seeking Cannabis for Mood Disorders” please visit: www.cb2inisghts.com/cannabisandmoodreport.


Patients were studied over a 4-week period across 4 states and out of 16 evaluation and education centers run by CB2 Insights’ subsidiary, Canna Care Docs.

Within the report, CB2 Insights assessed nearly 500 patients across multiple states within the CB2’s medical cannabis evaluation and education centers, Canna Care Docs. Patients who visit Canna Care Docs seeking comprehensive evaluation and education services are seen by both certified clinicians and educators to assess primary and secondary conditions, symptoms, previous treatments, current medication and many other data points that are used for confidential treatment planning for the patient.

About CB2 Insights

CB2 Insights has a mission to simplify the medical cannabis journey across the value chain through a suite of healthcare technology products and services delivered through three distinct brands – each serving a unique vertical. Sail offers a comprehensive cannabis-specific practice management platform and data collection tools across multiple countries. Canna Care Docs is a leading cannabis evaluation and education group operating in 12 jurisdictions. Canna Care Docs has served more than 265,000 patients looking to integrate cannabis into their treatment regimen. TokeIn is the industry’s only app-based customer loyalty and engagement platform used by cannabis retailers. The parent brand, CB2 Insights, works to build predictive analytics tools based on the controlled data input ingested from each of its sub-brands which are used to deliver actionable insights both to its customer base and the industry at-large. For more information please visit www.cb2insights.com, www.sailcannabis.co, www.cannacaredocs.com and www.tokein.com.


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