March 26, 2011

Chronic-les Of A Road Trip

March 26, 2011
magic bus

As I packed my bags for my real job, the one that pays for the high speed internet connection, I contemplated on taking some sticky nugs of goodness with me. But where would I put it? I thought about carry on or even taping some to my body, anal transportation was definitely out of the question; but none of it seemed to give me a warm fuzzy. I elected to not bring anything with me, suck it up, and not have any smoke in the Rocky Mountains.

Going through the airport I was glad I didn’t bring anything with me since I had to go through a body scan. The flight all the way through was uneventful (which is always a good thing). As the plane descended on to Cody, Wy I thought for sure I would not be getting any weed in Cowboy Country but the locals have proven me wrong.

As I’ve said before the best place to meet an open minded smoker is in a bar. Thank you Silver Dollar proving me right. The people of Cody, Wy know how to party. My first night there I met a woman who use to mule for the cartels and now smokes to ease life’s physical and mental pain, she was kind enough to share with me. It was the best nor was it the worse smoke in the world. The following day I met a guy name Chris whom gave me a nug out of kindness, it was dry but had nice colour and gave me a kind high.

Chris and I talked of kind nugs across the nation, he claims the best he ever had was a homegrown from Montana, I contend that for me it’s from Washington State. The following night I hung out with with whom I assume to be the only Philippino in Wyoming. From the bar we caught a ride to another person’s house who neither of us knew. All I knew was there was a smoking session and I’m always down. We got faded to the wee hours of the morning and finally I made my way back stumbling to the hotel room.

The small city of Cody, Wy is a gateway to the Rocky Mountains but it’s also a place where people know how to party. The locals are kind and inviting but the same cannot be said for the local law enforcement. I’m told stings have happened and not the kind that brings down the Tony Montana of the world but the kind that gives Joe Blow a record. One of the problems with small towns is small town cops, where if one is smoking a joint you might as well be transporting a pound.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing the marijuana world continues — kind of like when it’s your birthday and you take the day off from work, life goes on. Since I’ve been traveling I’ve been constantly surprise by the world around me. A recent article in a Canadian paper suggests grow-ops equals violence. Does that mean we should shut down all liquor and jewelry stores? Do we shut down banks across the nation? Of course there’s violence in the industry, unfortunately that is human nature but if we can help curtail such things by having a good repertoire with the community than yes the violence can be minimized not demonized.

In other related marijuana news there have been mass dispensary raids in Montana. There was a rally that occurred 6 hours away from me on Saturday but unfortunately couldn’t make it due to other deadlines. More dispensary raids make one wonder why? Why does the government go against the will of the people in these times of political unrest and instability? I’m reminded of a Thomas Jefferson quote I saw posted in a bar in Cody “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” This was also next to one of those George Bush pictures of him waving with the words “Miss me yet?” I find both to be in contradiction of each other.

The tyranny and uncertainty felt these days is something that has always existed I just think now we’re all getting on an even playing field and it sucks more for some than others. We live in a world where dollar signs either keep you out of jail or give you a comfortable cell. If you’re a hustler or transporter you might as well be a serial killer or rapist, this makes no fucking sense.

Along with the raids more pounds and tunnels have been found on the southern border which always reeks of conspiracy. While I was living in Tucson reports of poundage found was a weekly occurrence but you never heard of coke, heroin, meth or any other kind of hard drug found. It all comes down to “they” let you see what they want you to see.

Besides the news I’ve been seeing marijuana making a presence in my television shows. I was watching Mike and Molly in my hotel room and in the episode entitled “Mike’s New Boots” Molly is upset and is drinking her woes with a friend. When Molly asks if you have anything stronger she says “I got some purple kush” and pulls out a joint.

The next show I saw with a marijuana reference was The New Adventures of Old Christine. I still don’t get the premise of the show but it’s always funny. In the episode “Guess who’s not coming to dinner” the gang is hiding from the mother for a secret discussion. The mother discovers them and asks what they’re doing , the brother replies “Smoking pot.” Unfazed the mother turns around and leaves than new Christine says “You have pot?” I know these moments on TV aren’t much but I wasn’t watching a Cheech and Chong TV, it was plain ole’ nighttime television which I still think is pretty cool.

Despite al l the negative news, out of touch politicians and cops, I’ve met and seen some pretty positive things as a smoker. There use to be a cigarette ad with a woman smoking and the statement “We’ve come a long way baby”. Well we have come a long way but there’s still much to do. I recently learned that you can Google newspaper archives with specific subject matter, I found this one article showing how far we’ve come, the headline is “Milwaukee Police Blame Sex Orgies On Jazz, Hard Liquor And Marijuana”. Race is no longer used as a scare tactic against marijuana but there still are scare tactics with words like crime and violence. Make it legal, no more crime.

‘Till next time smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.


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