Marijuana Soap Box

Not just for hippies anymore!

Stoners are generally intelligent people, sometimes we find some that aren’t the epitome of mankind and would like to set them aside. These people the exception not the rule for there are no rules but if there were that would not be one. Being stupid is not excused for potheads and drunks. As a self proclaimed intelligent stoner, I like to look for hidden things, puzzles, double entendras, and things like that in everything. Like reoccurring numbers, 420 for example. One of two things is happening when I see that number 1) it’s the Universe saying “Everything is gonna be alright and 2) Somebody important has an awesome sense of humour.

February is upon on us and its Black History month. Being a lighter shade of brown I’ve heard the moans and groans about celebrating an ethnic holiday. Now don’t get me wrong, I get a warm fuzzy for Hispanic week but that’s just for the food. The thing is we need reminders that not everything has not always been fair. The illegalization of marijuana is still a prime example.

A law based off of racism. Not so much the KKK racism but the fear of not that guy will date my daughter racism. As long as marijuana is illegal we live in the root of all evil politics which is fine for business people but I just wanna smoke my herb. To be left alone and smoke in a world where terms like holding and dark alley don’t come hand in hand.

There’s a point you find yourself in a situation because you put yourself there — craigslist can get you a lot of places, so can a car. How many more Marc Emerys and Eddy Lepps have there to be. Non threats to society as men only as farmers and business men. The money spent here could have gone to a greater good. Marijuana needs to be legal for the greater good and for no other reason than it never got a fair trial. There are million reasons for it to be legal, how many ill? Stop making criminals.

My deepest fear is that the illegalization of a plant will allow the government to incarcerate numerous citizens for a non-offensive crime. Don’t blame the weed but the individual when real wrong doings occur.

Marijuana does not make you perma-crazy but the laws do. So how do you convince a nation of this? A mix cultured brainwashed nation, sounds like the world to me. Maybe that’s too deep but this is how I feel. Life isn’t complicated, work hard, and play as much as possible.