July 13, 2010

TWB Commentary: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

July 13, 2010
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The legalization of marijuana will not bring about world peace nor will it be the downfall to our society. The legalization of marijuana will not make you taller or give you super powers but it will keep hundreds if not thousand out of jail or at a minimum free of fines and community service (that was me). Patients won’t have to worry about acquiring their medicine and recreational users won’t have to worry about back alley deals.

I would like to set the scenario for you on the day of the vote and things that would perhaps follow.

On November 2nd people’s attention from across America focuses on California’s election. Not to see if Meg Whitman who has dumped over 50 million of her own money into a campaign that will prove a position can be bought but to see if the voters of California finally come to a consensus about the legalization and taxation of a diverse green plant.

By the end of the last poll closing marijuana proves to be triumphant in no longer being demonized in a world where cigarettes and alcohol already prove dominant. When the results are revealed there won’t be chaos in the streets. It’ll be more of a still calm. Smokers statewide step outside and light one up to say “Hey! Look at me; I’m no longer a criminal.” People you never expected stepping outside everyone from 21 to 81 is smoking a bowel.

The only questions a cop has now when they smell marijuana is “Are you 21 and over?” and “Are they driving?”

California tourism peaks to an all time high (pun intended) as thousands flock to experience the kind beaches and kind bud. California has a new hemp industry that booms with T-shirts made with locally grown hemp saying “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”.

Dispensaries will still be a thriving business because the networking is already there and people would rather buy it than grow it, a rise in the sell of clones would happen though since now everyone thinks they have a green thumb.

There would be a lull in street gang violence as the thugs try to figure out how to compete against a marijuana Wal-mart-esque scene. Remember small business always loses to big business.

Months after the initial “green rush” marijuana prices will stabilize, tourism will flow steady, hemp farms will be in demand, and the cartels will have been forced to become legitimatize. No longer will violence be the only recourse for someone involved in the marijuana business they’ll turn to the police and small claims court.

The vision of many if the legalization of marijuana takes place. This vision is just as real and possible as is that of the conjecture brought about by the RAND Corporation.

The legalization won’t bring unicorns about but it could possibly put less criminals on the street.

All the California politicians are touting on the safe side but how can we know anything if we don’t try?

Let me know if I missed anything. “till than here’s some shit I found in the news.

California Senator Feinstein stands against the legalization movement. Once again politicians are not in tune with the people they’re suppose to represent.

This story makes no sense to me. Here are some highlights husband was awake for 2 days and reveals pot plants and than the neighbor reactions, its not like they had a meth lab it was pot plants. When was the last time you ever heard of a pot plant exploding?

I find the fact that these two were drinking while doing something out in public illegal kind of funny. I find it funnier that the word defense is spelled wrong in the main article.

I think its neat that this guy called the cops after having 8lbs of marijuana stolen from him and there’s no mention of charges against him. Plus they caught they bad guy, now if marijuana was legal decent people could call the police when needed.

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