September 14, 2010

TWB Commentary: Stoners Are People Too

September 14, 2010

Of course people want to be high in this world. And when I say high I don’t just mean smoking a bowel but include drinking, smoking cigarettes, and little blue pills prescribed by your doctor for that not so fresh feeling. Whatever it is people for generations have chosen to escape one way or another. Alcohol is a proven part of every culture, opium dens from Asia to America, and laughing gas parties of the 1800 British elite. Hell, why do you think Coca-cola had such a following it had cocaine in it, to this day it still uses the coco leaf but with less fun.

As the voice of legalization is rising so has been the counter voice, which is just simply getting annoying (stop telling me what’s good for me). The Oregonian has recently come out on the side against which is really annoying because I’ve always considered Oregon a liberal state and a place where I would want to live. It’s annoying how the article refers to sellers of marijuana as drug dealers. Do you refer to a pharmacist the same way?

Going through the comments made me just as mad; such as this asshole alrsa saying “Every adult I know (and there are a LOT of them) who was a stoner in high school and / or college now shows significant impairment in motivation, energy levels, and cognitive speed (abilty to think coherently and quickly.)”

Since I got out of the military (for the past 3 years and some odd months) I’ve worked a 40 hour a week job, worked on my writing everyday, raised 2 boys and have taken care of my household needs. Lazy? I think not.

Another example of a persecuted lazy stoner is a friend I had in the Navy. This guy was the biggest toker you could meet (I think coming from Riverside, California had something to do with it). When his ship was in port he would be blazing everyday, sometimes even in the morning (We all took the bus to base so driving was never an issue). Anyways this guy was so lazy he was commended as sailor of the year on his ship and handed a school (schools are important to get in the Navy). The first day of class he took several bong hits in my apartment. When he arrived a command wide pee test was about to take place. At this point he knew the jig was up, unless they didn’t test his sample but they did. A little after two weeks he was pulled out of class, read his rights, and sent back to his ship. Yes folks, marijuana makes you lazy enough to work (serious sarcasm intended).

I can not wait ‘till I can come out of the proverbial closet and go look world, is this what you’re afraid of? Grown ups that like to smoke and function in this life and god forbid contribute to society with out fear of persecution.

Of course people want to be high. Despite the physical anguish (pain is one of the number one treatments for healthcare) that we all try to escape there’s the mental one of nothing makes fucking sense. I find it funny at a time when people are hurting for jobs, in a state that has a fucked up economy that somebody (Meg Whitman) spent 50 million of their own dollars just for the primary. I wonder how many good things could’ve have been done in that state with that kind of money. Than there’s any reality TV show thing, people are making money for having money or are making money because now their famous — if that don’t hurt your head, I don’t know what will.

If the mass media blitz of bullshit don’t do it for you than let’s just look at the marijuana law in itself. Why is it illegal? How did booze get the pass card when it’s far worse? At this point I know I’m just preaching to the choir because if you read theweedblog, you’re my kind of guy (or gal). When our laws don’t make sense and everything seems off balanced than yes it fucks with our heads. I mean how really how many victims had there be before Chelsea’s law was signed into effect. I know I’m running off different tangents here but they all have something in common, shit just don’t make sense.

There are so many reasons why to legalize and regulate marijuana and to simply get high is one of them. Marijuana isn’t going to bring world peace, marijuana will not make you jump higher or make sense of all the bullshit in this world but it will make it a lot easier to handle.

In my quest for different employment I’ve had to stop smoking. It has been 2 months now. The first month was to ensure that my pee was clean than I started actively searching. Recently I just had a phone interview and am pretty sure I bombed it. I don’t blame this on prior pot use though. I blame it on the mild panic attacks that occur in me whenever something really important is happening or that I want. I blame it on the fact that I choke on tests. All my life I’ve been a grower not a shower when given an opportunity I pull through. I’m giving job hunt 2010 another two weeks than I’m lighting up again, not that I’m quitting it’s just more realistic to look for one after the holidays in my field. If I could smoke some pot right now it wouldn’t ensure I’d find a job but it would make it a lot easier deal with.

Marijuana makes dealing with the inside/outside world more bearable. Instead I drink and feel like shit the next day, marijuana has never done that to me. Instead I drink and know I can’t drive. Who takes all the people home from bars? Instead, instead that’s what we do because of the illegalization of marijuana. I know professionals that do coke and meth instead since it’s out of the body faster than pot. Instead of making sense we have prohibition.

Halo Reach just came out so I might be busy for a week or so. “Till next time,” here’s some cool shit from the news;

Prop. 19 could generate 1.4 billion fucking dollars for Cali!
Marc Emery’s prosecutor gets douchebag of the year, way to change your mind ass!

Unions support legal pot, watch out!


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