July 28, 2015

It’s Official – Oregon Recreational Marijuana Sales Will Begin October 1st

July 28, 2015
oregon house bill hb 3460 medical marijuana dispensaries ommp

oregon house bill hb 3460 medical marijuana dispensaries ommpOregon approved marijuana legalization during the 2014 Election. The possession, consumption, and cultivation provisions of the initiative became effective July 1st, although some counties suspended enforcement before that. The biggest remaining question since July 1st is ‘when will recreational marijuana sales begin in Oregon?’ Late last month the Oregon Legislature passed a bill that would allow limited recreational marijuana sales via existing medical marijuana dispensaries. That bill was signed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown earlier today. Below is the summary of the bill:

Allows medical marijuana dispensaries, beginning October 1, 2015, to sell limited marijuana retail product to persons at least 21 years of age in accordance with certain conditions.

Directs Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules providing for relocation of registered medical marijuana facility.]Provides, if school is established within 1,000 feet of registered medical marijuana facility, that medical marijuana facility may remain at current location until date on which medical marijuana facility must renew registration with authority for second time following date on which school is first attended by students.] Allows local governments to adopt ordinances that prohibit sales of limited marijuana retail product. Requires Oregon Health Authority to create rules to implement Act. Allows authority to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries in violation of Act from selling limited marijuana retail product. Sunsets December 31, 2016. Declares emergency, effective on passage.
The bill allows people over 21 years of age with valid ID to purchase up to 7 grams of dried flower marijuana, as well as up to four seeds or clones. Marijuana topicals, edibles, concentrates, etc. will not be allowed to be sold. Sales of those items will have to wait until recreational marijuana stores open, which is expected some time in 2016. While I would have loved to see all forms go on sale early for recreational marijuana in Oregon, this is a great ‘in between’ step that will help speed up the process. I know that personally I can’t wait to go into a shop, and purchase 1 gram of seven different kinds of Oregon’s finest!


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