January 17, 2012

Prague Is A Marijuana Friendly City

January 17, 2012
Czech medical marijuana pharmacies

Czech marijuanaThe Capital City Of The Czech Republic Is Marijuana Friendly

Ninjasmoker and I had the privilege of meeting Burny Canterbury, the author over at KushSmoke.com. If TWB readers get a chance, check out his site, it’s fantastic. While we were all smoking bowls and talking the toke, we were talking about marijuana friendly towns. Below is a great article that Burny Canterbury wrote about the marijuana friendly city of Prague, Czech Republic:

Our friends over at the Weed Blog posed an interesting question the other day: do you live in a marijuana friendly city? Well, there’s really too many cities/states/countries with an affinity for Jack Herer and OG Kush to name them all. But there is one city that, from personal experience, stands out to me as a danky delight of a city, and that’s Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Prague is essentially Eastern European’s version of Amsterdam (or the closest thing Eastern European has to the ‘Dam). No, marijuana is by no means “legal” in Prague, but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be. Speak to any ex-pat who resides in Prague or any college student who studied abroad (or spent a weekend in the city) and they’ll likely give you similar answers—the bud available in Prague is solid, cheap, and easy to come by.

There are two places that “those in the know” (or really, anyone who knows how to find nugs in a foreign city) go to for their buds: Chapeau Rouge and the Tulip Cafe. Neither of these places operate like normal dispensaries or coffee shops in Prague. There are no fancy counters, seasoned budtenders or tons of strains on a menu to help you find your bud. The people who sell weed in Prague do so out of backpacks and are by no means “employed” by the places they set up shop.

Chapeau Rouge, a three storied club, is famous for attracting students studying abroad who want to party till the sun comes up (and beyond). But it’s also one of the easiest places in the world to find weed. If you walk to the bathroom on the bottom (dance) floor in Chapeau Rouge, there’s a line of (mostly dark skinned) dealers dishing out dime bags and eighths of relatively good bud (along with some other treats). I only recommend going there if you’re trying to party, or it’s late at night and are desperate for a fix. And it’s of course totally cool to light up anywhere in the club/bar/den of late night body odor.

The Tulip Cafe is more of a daytime/chilled out spot to get and burn some bud at. It’s a chill cafe that I was directed to my first day in Prague, some four years ago. The Cafe has an upstairs and downstairs area, where Bob Marley is most likely playing from the speakers. When I went, it wasn’t crowded—maybe two or three groups of a people drinking beers. If you go downstairs, there will be most likely be someone who can direct you to someone (usually the person with a backpack) who’s got the sticky icky. While you can’t blaze in the actual cafe, it has a nice outdoor patio area/blazing lounge.

And then, of course, then there’s the common, standard (and kind of forgotten, at least in California) way to get bud: directly from a friend or a standard dealer you or a friend knows. Simply put, there’s a ton of people in Prague that love to smoke weed (especially for Eastern Europe), and there’s a ton of people out there quenching this thirst. Yes, Prague’s reefer romance can be partially attributed to the plethora of ex-pats that inhabit the city. There are also a ton of grow shops located in Prague (over 200), and when there’s plants, there’s usually cannabis seeds, and grow operations.

So in conclusion, really, if you walk into any decently populated club in Prague, you’ll either find someone who’s got bud or someone that can direct you towards the magical plant. It’s just everywhere.

As a footnote, if you’re in Prague, also be sure to check out Cross Club, one of the coolest bars/clubs you’ll ever go to. The entire building was built from used parts of buses and trains (the seats, etc.), and is definitely unlike any other club you’ve been. The three storied bar/club is quite the trip, is Kush-friendly, and will have some sweet lights and music playing.

Personally, I found Prague to be a much more enjoyable city than Amsterdam for a few of these reasons. Prague isn’t just about the nug—yeah it’s there, but unlike the ‘Dam, it’s not like you HAVE to try out as many strains and hit up as many coffe shops as possible. Prague’s bud scene has got much more of an underground, cooler feel to it. And of course, Prague has an incredible nightlife (and plenty of other “party favors”) that stays up literally till dawn and shits on Amsterdam’s across the board—the strippers are definitely cheaper too.

This piece was written by Kush Smoke and republished with permission.


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