January 27, 2017

420 Evaluations Fresno: Talk To a MMJ Doctor Online Now!

January 27, 2017
420 Evaluations Fresno

The time has finally come huh, you’re looking for medical marijuana in Fresno?  That’s right, online 420 Evaluations Fresno now available.

If you’re here, you probably also know that you need an official recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor in Fresno. And you might know it more as a medical marijuana card, but we’ll get to the details shortly.

But since people barley like to read on the internet these days (curse you cats!), here’s the short and sweet right up front.

Click here to get your medical marijuana card in Fresno, in 10-15 minutes, from the comfort of your own home by completing your medical marijuana evaluation online.

Now, let’s establish the basics.

Any Fresno resident seeking medical cannabis can get a “doctor’s recommendation,” a.k.a cannabis card, marijuana license, prop 215 card, weed card, etc. from any osteopath, physician, or surgeon licensed to practice in the state of California.

But the unfortunate reality is that most primary care physicians aren’t ready to recommend cannabis as a treatment option.

Instead, specialized cannabis doctors have sprung up in every major metropolitan area in California, ready to serve the needs of patients seeking medical cannabis as an alternative to prescription painkillers and other pharmaceuticals.

Of course, you might already know that getting a medical marijuana card in Fresno isn’t as difficult as might seem, thanks to some liberal wording in our laws. Specifically, doctor’s can award recommendations to anyone with “any illness for which medical marijuana might provide relief.”

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t different levels of difficulty to the process. In fact there are, and if the first few sentences weren’t hint enough, the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to do so is right from your couch, online!

The Old Process for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Fresno

Medical Marijuana Doctor Fresno

While you can find many sites and brands reporting on exactly how to get a medical cannabis card and what the prop 215 Fresno process looks like specifically, it is fairly straightforward, and the information you find around the web should all be similar (but we’re glad you’re here).

Regardless if you consult with your primary physician or a medical marijuana doctor, expect them (if they take their job to educate potential patients seriously) to take an assessment of your current health status as well as your prior health history to determine if you’re a good candidate for medical marijuana.

Second, though receiving a MMJ card is a requirement for the purchase of high-quality marijuana for medicinal purposes in several states, California only requires that an individual obtain a doctor’s recommendation in written or verbal form for proof of legality.

The difference between a recommendation and a marijuana “card” is subtle, as both documents will help protect a patient’s right to carry and use cannabis products or when dealing with law enforcement.

Keep in mind you’ll have to renew your medical card and doctor’s recommendation each year.

And while a doctor’s recommendation is required to gain entry to any legal cannabis dispensary in California for one’s first visit, having a smaller wallet-sized ID card is much more convenient for subsequent visits to the same location, and proves much harder to lose.

Given the ease and convenience of the internet these days, one would hope that a powerful medicine (without all the debilitating side effects that often accompanies pharmaceuticals) like cannabis would be easier to access through online channels.

This is particularly true for aging patients, individuals with anxiety related disorders, or those who suffer from chronic pain.

Yet, online access has largely been limited (until recently, read on), and though one can use Google to seek out and “medical marijuana evaluations near me” and research the few reputable medical marijuana doctors in Fresno, new patients must still conduct that search for doctors nearby, schedule a visit, make a trip, and possibly face wait times of more than an hour or two, even with an appointment. Not to mention that many 420 doctors in Fresno are notoriously difficult to get a hold of to obtain simple pricing information and availability.

And once a patient has tracked down a doctor and has their Fresno mmj evaluation performed, they are still tasked with finding legitimate dispensaries nearby, which also requires research and consistent back and forth travel.

At least it’s not as bad as the 420 evaluations in Oakland or San Jose, those offices can be a nightmare.

New patients also need to be wary of sketchy, unqualified doctors who offer incomplete recommendations, or who fail to give accurate assessments to their patients. It’s not that hard to become a licensed patient, but that doesn’t mean a doctor can simply ignore giving a legitimate medical assessment.

All too often so-called 420 doctors move from one walk in medical clinic to the next the course of years after facing multiple shut downs for non-compliant, improper, illegal or unethical conduct. In fact, the Valley 420 Evaluations Fresno and numerous other medical clinics closed recently. Although Dr. Brubaker we hear is at least one medical marijuana doctor in Fresno that can be trusted.

But unfortunately, this variance puts many patients at risk who may not understand that they aren’t quite protected,or have been given limited access to medical marijuana under rather shady circumstances.

This also becomes a hassle when current patients need to renew a medical card, but find that an office has been shut down or has relocated. Keep in mind that medical marijuana recommendations in Fresno should last for 365 days after the issue date and should be verifiable either by phone or online 24/7.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Fresno must also adhere to tight regulations to remain compliant and should also have a range of high-quality cannabis products to suit various medical conditions. Due to the prevalence of shady business practices within the industry, it is understandable that many patients who are new to the medical cannabis space are skeptical of the entire process.

After all, many have either walked by or have driven by hole-in-the-wall 420 doctor’s offices in strange areas, and who offer ‘quick’ or ‘in and out’ evaluations that would set off alarm bells for anyone with some degree of common sense.

The New Process: How to Complete Your 420 Evaluations Fresno ONLINE

420 Doctor Fresno

Luckily, if you’re a prospective patient you longer have to feel uncomfortable, stressed or frustrated by an arduous, old-fashioned process when attempting to obtain the much-needed relief that medical cannabis provides.

NuggMD is an accessible, online platform which allows all patients to complete their 420 evaluations Fresno and receive their legal doctor’s recommendations within 20-30 minutes. For only $39, their platform provides an innovative, affordable and convenient way to obtain access to licensed medical marijuana doctors via online video chat or over the phone who can assess your needs and issue you a doctor’s recommendation right away.

Here’s how it works:

With the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone, a new patient can quickly register with NuggMD by setting up a profile by entering their personal information and brief health history. Concerned about privacy? The company’s patient database is encrypted and HIPPA compliant to ensure the safety, confidentiality and strict security of all data entered.

Plus if you have questions regarding the use of medical marijuana or the approval process, there’s no need to conduct research online or attempt to get in touch with a doctor over the phone. NuggMD has online specialists who are happy to answer questions via live chat during their hours of operation from 8:00 to 10:00pm 7 days a week.

Next, qualifying patient’s conduct their 420 evaluation with a licensed medical marijuana doctor for 5-10 minutes, easy as that.

If approved, you’re charged $39 if you opted just for the doctor’s recommendation, or $59 if you choose a recommendation and a wallet-sized medical marijuana ID card (which again, is much more durable & convenient to carry than the paper version).

It’s important to note that while the service does require payment information prior to your evaluation, your card will not be charged unless the doctor approves you, and the consultation is completely free if you aren’t approved. If approved, one receives a PDF version of their recommendation instantly via email, and an official hard-copy (accepted by any legal marijuana dispensary) arrives directly to the patient’s home or office a few days later!

Is there a waiting process? Nope. Unlike an in-person 420 evaluations Fresno office, NuggMD doctors are available on-demand, which means you don’t even need an appointment.

Even better, their doctor’s recommendations are instantly valid (which is why you receive an electronic version first), meaning you can use the company’s sister-service to to order cannabis delivery from dispensaries near you immediately after your evaluation.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana in Fresno After Your 420 Evaluation?

Medical Marijuana Evaluations Fresno

Can patients head straight to a marijuana dispensary after completing their 420 evaluation and being approved? In some cases. You can try printing out the temporary PDF copy and head to your nearest storefront dispensary, just be sure to call ahead first to confirm the temporary copy will be accepted, as most dispensaries do require the official paper copy on your first visit.

Can patients order from cannabis delivery services in Fresno immediately after being approved? You bet, as long as you order through Getnugg.com, NuggMD’s sister-service as referenced earlier.

Nugg streamlines the cannabis delivery process by providing a comprehensive marketplace of dispensaries that offer delivery within the Fresno area and throughout the state of California. Which makes it super convenient for new patients to find licensed, compliant and highly-rated dispensaries in their area with quality cannabis right away.

All dispensaries are rated based on quality and service, and delivery orders can be placed entirely online from any internet connected device.

The best part? If you use NuggMD to do your 420 evaluation online and get your weed card in Fresno, you’re automatically credited with $20 to use towards your first delivery order.

Repeating your past orders can also be done quickly through Nugg’s website, adding a level of ease and privacy that is unrivaled in the cannabis industry. Patients never have to leave their homes in search of quality medical cannabis access again, and can handle all renewals and verifications through the site as well, saving patients time, safety, travel hassles and loads of stress. Through NuggMD, finding a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Fresno has never been simpler.

So what are you waiting for?

Now’s your chance to score legal entry to the California cannabis industry by going for the 420 evaluations Fresno option that’s quick, easy, and affordable. Just think of all the cannabis products waiting for you around the corner — flowers, tinctures, edibles galore, vape cartridges, topicals, ointments and more!


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