January 19, 2017

420 Evaluations San Jose: Get a MMJ Card Online Right Now!

January 19, 2017
420 Evaluations San Jose

You’re a San Jose resident, and even though you’ve wanted a medical marijuana card for a while now, somehow you don’t have one, right? Your friends sure do, maybe even some of your family members. I mean, come on, there’s probably a San Jose 420 Evaluations office right down the street they all got their cards at. And they’re all soaking up the goodness that is the California cannabis industry. Why not you?

Luckily, there’s a cheap, quick, easy, and safe way to get your doctor’s recommendation (a.k.a card) for medical cannabis that we’re going to tell you all about in this article.

Click here to get your medical marijuana card ONLINE in less than 10 minutes, which will let you purchase medical cannabis for one full year in California.

With the way that California’s medical marijuana program works, in order to obtain cannabis in any form, you need to have an evaluation and get a recommendation from a licensed doctor. With the passing of Proposition 215 and California Senate Bill 420, physicians, osteopaths, and surgeons became able to issue a recommendation to patients who suffer from a chronic illness, with symptoms that can be treated by medical cannabis.

Getting a 420 evaluation is the first step towards getting your recommendation and your medical marijuana card. Just like when a doctor writes a prescription for a drug that can’t be purchased over the counter, a doctor will need to officially recommend the patient’s cannabis use. Medical marijuana can’t legally be “prescribed”, since it’s still not legal on the federal level, so the recommendation they give you is the statewide official transcript that will be accepted by both dispensaries and law enforcement.

How Does a San Jose 420 Evaluations Work?

Medical Marijuana Card San Jose

So completing your 420 evaluations is only the first step in the process, but how does it work? Well, it works just like any other visit to the physician would, really. At a medical marijuana doctor San Jose office, you make an appointment, go in, and talk to them face-to-face about your symptoms. No matter if you’re going to your regular physician for the evaluation, or if you decide to see a specialized medical marijuana doctor, 420 evaluations in San Jose basically all run in the same way.

The only exception comes when you complete your 420 evaluation online, which we’ll tell you exactly how to do in the next section (scroll down if you want to get straight to the good stuff).

During the evaluation (we’re still talking about an in-person one), a doctor is able to determine if a patient’s symptoms can adequately be treated by medical marijuana. If so, they are able to issue the patient a recommendation that will allow them to access the medical marijuana industry in San Jose, and all throughout California for that matter.

Unfortunately, issuing the recommendation is up to the discretion of the referrer, so sometimes regular physicians won’t recommend marijuana to a patient, even if they are experiencing all the applicable symptoms. This is why people typically opt to conduct their cannabis evaluation with a specialized MMJ doctor. Except, actually going through one of these doctors can be expensive, time consuming, and even sketchy. The service can cost an average of $60 or more, depending on where you go, and it’s completely possible that some places will not give you legitimate documents.

Luckily for those of you trying to see a 420 doctor, there are also specialized medical evaluation services that are available completely online. They take a look at your medical history and reason for seeking out medical cannabis, then connect you with a licensed California medical marijuana doctor over live video or phone to conduct the evaluation process simply over the internet, from the convenience of your own home.

How To Complete Your San Jose 420 Evaluation 100% Online?

Medical Marijuana Doctor San Jose

When you make an internet search for “marijuana evaluations San Jose,” tons of patient-doctor storefronts come up, so it’s hard to figure out which ones are legitimate, and which ones are total scams. But never fear, as everything you need can be done entirely through NuggMD’s online platform.

It’s a speedy, confidential (but 100% legal) service that connects you with a licensed California doctor totally online, who can help you determine if medical marijuana is right for you. First, a patient will need to upload their medical documents to the site for review. Once that’s done, they will be connected with a doctor for a face-to-face interview that only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. If the patient is approved (which is most of the time), the letter-format recommendation and card will be mailed out on the same day, and for only $39.

The entire process is much smoother and much less of a hassle than having to be physically present for an evaluation. It’s also much cheaper, and if by any chance you aren’t approved, your MMJ evaluation is completely free, which can’t be said about any in-person experience. So instead of going out of your way to potentially get scammed or not even get your rec at one of the 420 evaluations in San Jose, everything can be taken care of online, without even having to leave the house.

Just head on over to NuggMD.com.

The company actually covers all services related to becoming a legal mmj patient, from the first patient 420 evaluations process, to issuing marijuana card renewals, to helping you find the right cannabis products and actually order them. So no matter if you’re submitting your medical documents for the first time, or if you’re a long-time patient, NuggMD’s services can help you with getting all of your marijuana documentation in stress-free and timely manner.

Do I Need a Medical Marijuana Card in San Jose?

420 Doctor San Jose

You don’t necessarily need a medical marijuana card in San Jose to go into a dispensary (all you need is the 8.5” x 11” paper copy of your doctor’s recommendation), but it’s certainly more convenient. Once you’ve gone through your evaluation and have your doctor’s rec, you also have the option to register for the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program UPDATE 5/9/2017: California is not issuing cards at this time. To stay current, refer to the updated link provided. (OMCS). The program is completely voluntary, and when a patient registers for the program they not only get a wallet-sized card with a patient identification number on it, they are also registered to the California Department of Public Health registry, where dispensaries and law enforcement can search their identification number and validate their credentials.

Although this system is convenient, it is expensive and it’s not confidential. When you register through the state of California, not only are fees added onto your total, your identification number is now registered in a public database, meaning that anyone, even employers, can potentially discover that you use medical cannabis. NuggMD offers the same identification card, but it’s not attached to the state’s public system. The card issued through them offers the same protection from law enforcement, and access to dispensaries, but your information is safely stored away in a confidential database.

Once you have your card in your hands, it’s much easier for you to take around with you, as opposed to the full-sized 8.5”x11” sheet of paper the doctor is going to give you. Once a dispensary verifies your recommendation, the next time around they’ll most likely just need to verify your card, so you don’t have to lug that giant piece of paper around with you every time you go in.

Now that your San Jose 420 evaluations process has been taken care of, you have full access to local dispensaries! Aside from the storefront option, a patient also has the option to have cannabis delivered to their location. Over at Getnugg.com, you can find weed delivery services and nearby dispensaries that cater to your area at the click of a button, making absolutely everything that has to do with getting your documents and getting your weed available right from your own home.

So what are you waiting for? Grab any internet-connected device and $39 to become a legal medical marijuana patient in about 10 minutes, totally online!


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